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Let's post some addons that you couldn't live without and what they do.

Browser: Firefox v58
Ublock Origin: Block ads
Lastpass: Password manager
Stylus: Change styles for sites. Favorite theme is gruvbox dark.
Vimium-FF: vim keybindings

Tree Style Tab: Display tabs in a tree rather than horizontally. Very useful for large amount of tabs. In the screenshot I have about 30 tabs open.
Tab Session Manager: Saves open tabs in intervals so you can go back to what you were working on days later.


dark mode on firefox is fucking wonderful, it makes everything look really nice. advanced dark mode for pale moon is a lot more feature-rich, though. i use twitter app to add a sidebar to firefox, and i also like greasemonkey for the ability to add custom scripts.


File: 1517170382528.png (181.87 KB, 1280x1440, Screenshot_2018-01-28_14-0….png)

Using Pale Moon 27.7.1 (64bit)

The attached image shows the essentials.

Decentraleyes (for intercepting api.google.com and running local instea)

Encrypted Web (HTTPS Everywhere)

NoScript (Essential. Will not use a browser if I can't control what scripts are being ran on a website)

Redirector (So that YouTube links automatically open on Hooktube.com instead)

uBlock Origin


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Dark mode is nice but it doesn't work on some sites like twitch.

You may like the extension flashgot. It's specifically a download manager, but you can config it to open videos in vlc or mpv if you have youtube-dl installed. So you'd be able to right click a video and send it to your out of browser video player.

Why play videos out of browser? You get better playback and you have the option to user shaders like sharpen or denoise.

Firefox quantum isn't compatible with flashgot because it's in the old extension format so I had to settle for 'Open in VLC'


Thanks for the recommendation, anon. I have gnome-twitch installed because the twitch website is shite. I'll give this a go the next time I have to watch something live.


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I just use the twitch site to watch vods. I use streamlink-twitch-gui and chatty twitch client normally.

I find that streamlink twitch gui has better video search than gnome-twitch and use chatty to chat in the channel. I think the user experience is better to have chat in a separate program.

Chatty can be used on it's own to watch twitch streams but there is no search or ability to watch vods.

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