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Let's have a thread to share some cool things with each other that help replace garbage programs. As an example, Skype. Skype is garbage, but I've had a really hard time finding something better that's also easy enough to convince friends and family to use. This looks pretty promising: appear.in
What do you guys think? Are there any other neat places you have all found to replace shitty programs?


File: 1517580274968.png (108.31 KB, 500x281, Krita-brush….png)

It looks like appear.in is using WebRTC to make the connections in browser. Be forewarned.

Krita is by far my favorite painting software. Works everywhere. No matter what computer I am on it's the same experience. A+


Krita is also good as a photoshop/gimp replacement too. really versatile program.

Discord is pretty good alternative right now, in terms of usability and friendliness. However it's not open source, so if you're one of those guys you might not like it. They're also getting video calls soon i think (if they don't already have it), so it's utility as a skype replacement is getting pretty good.


I never tried it since I don't like video calls but in the same ballpark as Skype there's also Ring, might be worth considering.
For IM I've been wanting to use XMPP+OTR but I don't know anyone using it and it seems too autistic to market it to my friends. Also tried Matrix which seems promising in itself but I hate Riot's UI and it probably won't get any better.



The Facebook messaging app used to be XMPP (probably still is, but not open to all other domains anymore). It was the most amount of normies ever using it. XMPP is fantastic though.


It's not XMPP anymore, at least open XMPP, they changed that in like 2012-2013. Unsure what it is now but it's a proprietary API.

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