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so what is your opinion on this /v/
pls no kill i know that it is not on your masterace os platforms but just look at the concept itself, its real neato. wow what a groovy time to be alive baby


>>1286 noice, need more info


perhaps click the link anon i promise no virus or niggers inside


File: 1471041238382.png (33.27 KB, 604x453, 13326371219….png)

That's exactly what someone would say if there were viruses or niggers inside


This looks pretty awesome actually. Hopefully someone with Windows will give it a try. Is it like NES Remix in 3D?


I am auctioning off a copy of Dark Souls 1 for Xbox One/360.

Auction ends on Monday, August 8th at 6pm EST.

Highest Bid gets the code


GG Fuckers no one bought it


Six pence none the richer.


fucking post.
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Max Payne 1 is one of my all time favourite games
MP3 isn't outrageously good, but it has it's moments and if you can get it on sale then even better
Just so i don't derail OP's yhread too much have some of the soundtrack from EUIV done by Sabaton





jerry martin is a godly composer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerry_Martin_%28composer%29

i cant get it to embad and i would rather post the playlist anyway, its simcity 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8HW5agFwUY&list=PL271D01492F1B52BB


Favorite from Xonotic.

File: 1465829055008.png (55.58 KB, 218x218, e3-logo.png)


It's E3 time and there haven't been any posts from pac yet. I really expected to read the live blog here on Finalchan. Last year I got more opinions and news from here than anywhere else.
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File: 1465929765240.jpg (19.26 KB, 136x222, Francis_Peg….jpg)

I was wondering about Battlefield 1. I know they have a nigger in it and I heard there might be cuntsoldiers too.

But what baffles me is, why the fuck are there absolutely no injuns in the game. And why is nobody getting triggered about it. Because it's a historical fact that the best sniper in WW1 was an injun from Canada, pic related.


File: 1465999195922.jpeg (74.93 KB, 771x1024, E32016.jpeg)

I don't think Battlefield is trying to explain every event of WWI. It looks good though. From what we have seen, it looks like the development team really wants to make this awesome game. Hopefully they execute well. Sometimes a game gets too big to handle (i.e. most of Ubisoft).


Zelda game was awesome and they've shown so much stuff about it, I'm not surprised it's gotten this much attention.

Too bad FFXV is so low down the charts considering the huge investment Square Enix has put into it.


No one wanted an action Final Fantasy though. I think everything they showed is disappointing a lot of long term fans, and isn't enticing new people to get into the game.


File: 1466116632468.png (168.36 KB, 1179x1052, 2016-06-16-….png)

File: 1465929527866.png (53.29 KB, 615x356, 2bbc8c05f39….png)


So it seems this is happening.


fuck you armchair activist if you're so triggered by that punch that bastard's face


I think it was more like, "Screaming in excitement". I don't see how anyone could dump the game anyway, considering the consoles are usually locked in boxes.

File: 1462795739082.jpg (318.16 KB, 1920x1080, StellarisTi….jpg)


For all things Stellaris related.

I'll be posting some screens from my first campaign and encourage other anons to also contribute
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Did you see that they are cracking down on some user mods? Apparently the "White Only" mod has been banned due to a political statement.

No irony recognized in that banning that type of mod is in and of itself a political statement.


It's a real shame that after the really fun early game the game bogs you down in unco-operative UI and boredom in the mid to late game.

Maybe after a few patches it will be good again, but for now this game is a miss


Were the "Black Only" and "Asian Only" mods banned too or not?


they just recently announced map modes patch ^:)


As far as I am aware the white only mod was only deleted after the description of the mod was changed to include white power slogans. Not saying that I agree with the decision but I can understand why they made it

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Since is a show about videogames, I guess it goes to the vidya section
I'd like to get into Game Center CX, what episodes and seasons you suggest me to watch first?


I have watched a few of his videos, mainly to get an idea about his popularity and I like video games.

I guess he was already a popular comedian in Japan before doing the show? I'm not positive. The one thing I do know, is he is bad at video games. Not being a part of the culture and understanding the japanese jokes, it loses my interest.

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File: 1451790510055-1.png (152.01 KB, 330x330, ClipboardIm….png)





Three FPS giants of the 90s.

You need to decide this once and for all: Which one is best
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The intro music will make you cum.


Will try this out later. Hopefully my toaster laptop is good enough to run it!!!


Quake is the best. It has actual 3D and great multiplayer. Never heard of UT.


File: 1464666415543.jpg (29.43 KB, 620x459, UTmandatory….JPG)

I had UT GOTYE when I was younger, waay back.
I played the fuck out of that game.

UT all the way.


Wtf you haven't heard of Unreal Tournament? How about the Unreal Engine.

Jesus fuck how old are you to not have played Unreal Tournament. A new one just came out.


I'm the only adgd guy who made it into this board or…?


I don't even know what that is. Could you elaborate ?


/agdg/ is an 8chan board dedicated to independent vidya development. Never been there though, I know it only by name.


File: 1464799722814.jpg (31.34 KB, 456x320, JUST.jpg)

Just fuck my board name up


I usually lurk those threads, I've done a bit of game dev but nothing of note so far


No nodev, I'm here too. I started the discussion on building your own engine.

File: 1464936059208.jpg (4.48 KB, 259x194, 01.jpg)


Search and Discuss. sndone.com


Moved to >>>/sp/3484.

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