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File: 1478823857052.png (159.06 KB, 940x210, 9d455db7d86….png)


It's that time again! Birthday sale at Humble Bundle Store. 11 Days of changing sales!

Check in today and get DIRT 3 Complete Edition for free!


And for just the Linux gamers on Finalchan - https://www.humblebundle.com/store/search/platform/linux/sort/discount


File: 1478915469722.jpg (36.16 KB, 640x480, sad-face.jpg)

I was excited, then went through the list and realized I already own everything I wanted in it.

File: 1478297561734.jpg (23.76 KB, 450x373, 6fcb0f22dc6….jpg)


So with Winter round the corner, what games are you planning to play to get comfy?
I always tend to play slower paced games this time of the year, something like Transport Tycoon or SWAT4.


Door Kickers is a great game for getting cozy with.


File: 1478305146450.png (86.04 KB, 1920x1049, Screenshot_….png)

Started Dwarf Fortress a few days ago. Its pretty fun. This will be you best friend



File: 1478308473987.gif (5.99 KB, 640x400, rogue2.gif)

hey that kinda looks like rogue

File: 1478133116835.png (115.25 KB, 935x1242, gog.png)


What games do you have on your hard drive?

These are HumbleBundle and GoG purchases.



whoops. Xonotic, Urban Terror, and Sanicball snuck in that directory. Those are free games. muh bad.


File: 1478133505904-0.png (93.52 KB, 278x425, Screenshot_….png)

File: 1478133505904-1.png (7.5 KB, 728x105, Screenshot_….png)


File: 1478133746372.png (672.72 KB, 1498x722, 2016-11-02 ….png)

I am a game addict


File: 1478139692664.png (184.67 KB, 266x1602, Steam.png)

Too damn many

File: 1477008056675.png (212.73 KB, 671x1018, Untitled.png)


Do you think Bethesda and 2K are sticking a little too close to the script Nintendo gave developers?


File: 1477079510450.png (301.09 KB, 520x678, 14693923307….png)

File: 1476481601108.jpg (50.62 KB, 540x540, 7B3F7F-imag….jpg)




File: 1476582184949.jpg (189.71 KB, 1920x1080, FAST.jpg)



File: 1476583831369.gif (493.49 KB, 320x240, 1870915czzk….gif)

How did you get those speeds? I assume it's on the ice mountain stage, but woo!


i flew off the map and kept on going forward i was ging so fast turning was impossible


File: 1476640971531.png (47.71 KB, 500x375, 13533506725….png)

>Going so fast that the only thing you could was go faster
Truly a god amongst men.

File: 1475343143062.jpg (2.11 MB, 3260x1370, nds-1317970….jpg)


What game do you find nostalgic and replayable?
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File: 1476021684844.gif (1.17 MB, 474x346, raw.gif)


gr8 post m8



File: 1476023101136.jpeg (58.65 KB, 450x450, serveimage.jpeg)

This may be cheating though because its a remaster or remake or some shit for the 3ds.

>Majora's Mask


I want to say theme hospital or RC de go.
I don't think I need to say anything about theme hospital considering everyone's played it, but RC de go is such a simple racing game that it's very easy to go back to.
It's such a shame that it's so short.


File: 1476326916958.png (207.68 KB, 361x692, 13724129207….png)

File: 1474582857171.png (109.05 KB, 780x956, ucag91.png)


Science, and apparently real life experience, shows that video games like GTA can help you drive better …
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It's obviously voat.co not reddit.com

jesus m8, lrn2cmptr


File: 1474739492885-0.jpg (410.07 KB, 1920x1178, dirt-rally-….jpg)

File: 1474739492885-1.png (3.19 MB, 1920x1080, ac1.png)

File: 1474739492885-2.png (1.91 MB, 1000x666, Forza-Motor….png)

I play a bunch of racing games/driving sims , and I use a wheel with a shifter. Playing the games has absolutely helped me with learning with the muscle memory involved with driving stick.

Nissan and other companies actively recruit from the best players in games to find new professional drivers.

Many formula 1 drivers use simulators to practice when they cant be at the track.

If you play the games on a controller, its not quite as helpful, but the game will still teach you the very basics of driving quickly, like where to brake and what line to follow through a corner.

I wouldn't assume GTA falls under 'driving simulation', but truth is obviously stranger then fiction.


The closest GTA has ever got to a driving simulator is probably IV.

The only way I can see those two games improving someone's driving ability is by reducing their reaction time.


I believe it. I was always shit at bowling. Played a lot of wii bowling when the wii came out, and now I always at least get a spare, and about 70% of the time I get a strike, despite having done no bowling or bowling-like activity in almost 2 decades.

Surely the same must apply in some way to other activities.


Like running people over and getting your money back.

Reminds me of the prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto. You get a refund if you kill them after… You know.

File: 1474979988384.png (985.26 KB, 854x666, Untitled.png)


Back to School Sale 2016

GoG.com is having a sale where a handful of games are deeply discounted, with a different selection every day. A counter shows how long the current selection will be available.

These sales have been very good in the past.
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File: 1475019733184.gif (2.4 MB, 213x160, 14706915272….gif)

>not buying video games


File: 1475022882998.png (541.01 KB, 698x532, daria.png)

Why do you hate fun, anon?


NEW GAMES UP TODAY. Don't forget to check. I'm picking up Neo Scavenger.


File: 1475116888992.jpg (33.72 KB, 313x419, 14693912097….jpg)

is this a promotion


No matter where a sale is, this guy shows up to let people know. The links aren't referrals, so i guess he's just a nice guy trying to save people a dollar or two.

File: 1474836156072.jpg (332.8 KB, 1920x1080, IBEtGfB.jpg)


Don't forget to buy Mass Effect.
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It's sad that not only is this his attitude and outlook on life, but that he is on the development team of ANYTHING.
How many dicks did he suck, because there's no way in hell any one with a sane mind would hire him for his professionalism.


I guess someone should write EA and try to get a response.

Though the only real option is to not buy the game, and make sure to let forums know why. That way EA's community leaders can see the problem.




File: 1474931683097.webm (5.57 MB, 360x240, O Canada [….webm)

Justin Trudeau just shed a tear. Oh Canada.


File: 1475020489201.gif (332.91 KB, 289x149, 14693910254….gif)

File: 1474767141484.webm (7.72 MB, 800x592, nustolgia2.webm)


Nostalgia game music


File: 1474769852602.webm (2.59 MB, 248x300, aoe.webm)





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