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This board is for the discussion of Video Games, doesn't matter what type they are. Remember that this board is about COMMUNITY so please, no "Shit taste plebs", no talking shit about someone's thoughts about a game. That's their opinion, don't be a dick. Any rule 34 should be directed towards >>>/e/. Thank you, enjoy your stay!

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Three FPS giants of the 90s.

You need to decide this once and for all: Which one is best
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Wtf you haven't heard of Unreal Tournament? How about the Unreal Engine.

Jesus fuck how old are you to not have played Unreal Tournament. A new one just came out.


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I'm going to have to go with Doom, I got to experience it online in the 90s so just for the sheer nostalgia factor alone plus I still go back and play it once and a while when I feel like it.


File: 1520807341601.jpg (160.36 KB, 1000x563, nup_177994_0007-e151502379….jpg)

DooM cuz this game will keep played forever. others may not.


only DOOM survived into the current decade, and still thrived even with modern changes, so I'd say it's the most successful.

Most fun though? Quake tbh.

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It's almost time.



Donkey Kong?


I'm not expecting anything too grand. E3 is a couple of months away, so they'll save their reveals till then. Maybe a hint or a teaser.



So what happened?



Dark Souls shown. Dark Souls amiibo revealed.

Octopath Traveler got a release date.

3DS is still getting games released for it, with one even being announced for 2019.

Captain Toad announcement with stages from Super Mario Odyssey.

Splatoon 2 getting upgraded to version 3 with a bunch of additional gear and stages.

Splatoon 2 paid DLC that brings a new, and pretty cool looking, single player experience (on top of the one that is in the game)

Kirby Star Allies shown, demo available.
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While I'm not too keen on the zone or racket health mechanics in aces, at least you can turn them off. The way trick shots work would mean you abuse the fuck out of it.
>Super Smash Bros. announced for 2018.
I don't know why people are surprised. There is speculation it is a port, but the trailer showing BOTW Link makes me think otherwise.

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I've been playing Out of the Park Baseball 17 this week; anyone else enjoy sports sims?
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When your team dominates the MVP vote



Top Three MVP slots? Damn. Maybe you missed your calling in life?


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File: 1517145728855.png (29.07 KB, 762x572, trail.png)


Oregon Trail Deluxe - Finalchan Edition
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File: 1517149602499.png (410 B, 163x17, trail10.png)

Morale for the men went up as soon as they found out Andrea could no longer fight off their advances. A broken arm and a broken leg means she can't cook or clean. That means she's only good for one thing…


File: 1517149805774.png (31.09 KB, 758x568, trail11.png)

Aside from some dead friends and a lame woman, we're doing pretty good on supplies. Could use more than 3 sets of clothes, but I had to make an unfair trade to get wagon parts and bullets after a fire and robbery.


File: 1517150279809.png (92.36 KB, 539x385, trail12.png)

Oh shit. Hold onnto your britches boys, we chose to build a raft and cruise down the rapids!


File: 1517150426716.png (199.81 KB, 763x573, trail13.png)

Time to start a ranch and a family! Congratulations to Andrea, Nate, and Timothy. You survived the Oregon Trail.


File: 1517150489521.png (13.39 KB, 763x572, trail14.png)

Top score settlers!

File: 1517072164699.png (75.5 KB, 1274x685, Untitled.png)


PSA: Put your games on a separate drive in case of emergency.
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Yeah some arty stuff from a defunct website i had to torrent, and a bunch of hi res pics. My goal was to have enough that after the apocalypse i could set up shop with a printer and a computer and make bank.
I think i gave myself a fetish for bandwith. I get off to having highres pictures streaming into my computer.


dang. you convinced me. post pics.




File: 1517098965100.gif (518.94 KB, 500x715, 10ca9d20bdf6221ec30697b4c5….gif)


File: 1517146725689.png (18.93 KB, 972x525, out.png)

Tell us where you can stream porn in 4k 60fps for free.



This is the trailer for Railroad Tracks, an exploration game I have been working on in my spare time. It draws inspiration from stuff like Yume Nikki, Palette and Mother. Hop yuo like it


Is it a walking simulator? It looks like a walking simulator. I'm pretty burnt out on walking simulators.


One of the best TPS I've ever played, I've been playing this in the last 10 years and this game never gets old. It's amazing all the different things you can do and the different game modes you can play. This game really needs more recognition.
Website: https://universegunz.net
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Uc3eGbyiyo




File: 1512065475411.jpg (49.55 KB, 450x350, tps-report-form.jpg)

What is TPS?


Third Person Shooter. And sheeeit, I remember gunz. Takes me way back


What made a wave of people start picking up GunZ again? I haven't played it in YEARSSSS

File: 1513561338860.jpg (934.8 KB, 1190x848, dZ59u.jpg)


nostalgia thread


File: 1513561360485.jpg (94.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


File: 1513561767423-0.jpg (38.93 KB, 618x461, 015290c41227020a1b8ebe9f54….jpg)

File: 1513561767423-1.jpeg (18.98 KB, 480x269, Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(SatAM….jpeg)

video game shows were comfy


File: 1513561862069-0.jpeg (30.15 KB, 516x451, megaman.jpeg)

File: 1513561862069-1.png (6.56 KB, 512x480, Megaman 1_002.png)

Happy 30th Mega Man


File: 1513562400407.jpg (59.45 KB, 631x474, fictional-locations-pee-we….jpg)

Mecca lecca hi, mecca hiney ho

File: 1512956727125.png (108.07 KB, 1270x1252, urbandead.png)


Logged in to check on things. Inventory seems to be doing alright.

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