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Let the hype begin anew.

Protip: NX listed at the end of the trailer.


Let's just hope that it doesn't follow the fates of the previous Sonic games as of late. The issue is always that the games are rushed. Sonic Boom and Sonic '06 had tons of potential, but were rushed. We can only hope at this point that this one isn't rushed.



Agreed. I am thinking this game was meant for Sonic's anniversary, but it passed and no new game was released. So hopefully it was originally going to be rushed for that event, but got postponed so that there was a better game to honor the occasion.


I am personally more interested in the other Sonic game, the 2D one (Sonic Mania?)
Since there is a fan behind it I doubt he will screw up



I liked the trailer, but it's just a teaser. One thing I noticed is that Sonic's gloves are now interwoven fabric, but in the same screen you can see that his body is painted. Odd to go with realistic gloves on a cartoony character.


i will only play it if the master sammyclassicsonic fan says that it is ok to


obviously sammy will be playing it. Is there a sonic game that sammy wouldn't recommend? Let's be honest, sammy isn't the best source for sonic honesty. A slight bias may exist.

But still… sonic has a soft spot in my heart, and since he's had like, 4 bad games in a row, I think it's time for a good one (isn't that the cycle Sega uses?)


It's probably not a good idea to build up hype just yet. This probably isn't game footage, so we have no idea what the game actually looks or plays like. Save hype until SEGA released a working demo.


the game is shit


I bought it and didn't regret it. Good game 7.5/10

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