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One of my favorites is Halo: Combat Evolved. It's held up surprisingly well, and if it's engine and graphics were updated, would probably still hold up to some of the newer FPS titles. The multiplayer was actually fun too, and not pay to win as a lot of FPS's nowadays tend to do.


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Still play this one with friends


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Super Mario World is still a fantastic game. The controls are so precise and the level design is perfection, it teaches you how to play without explaining it to you.

The secret exits, the secret worlds, the (!) switches… such a great game.


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Hey hey! Come on over and have some fun with CARAYZEE TAXI! YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH 

I used to pour so much money into that arcade. My wallet was ecstatic when the Dreamcast version was released.


I remember hearing from someone that if you didn't play the arcade version of crazy taxi, you didn't "actually play it". Fuck that noise.
I still play Transport Tycoon at least once a month. Having it play in the background while working on something helps with the boredom. If OpenTTD didn't happen I would've been bored shitless.


The arcade was a better experience for sure. It was one of those arcades with a seat and steering wheel. It's more exciting wheny ou slam that steering wheel to it's max to get a customer. Plus you are sitting right on top of a large screen, so the jumps felt better.


But saying "you didn't really play it" because I missed out on it in arcades? I've played F-zero AX on the arcade machine, doesn't mean I should act like a smug shit because you haven't.


I played GX. I am a god compared to you.


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What, you wanna go a round you lil' bitch?


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Woah dude

Are you angry at >>1614 or at your friend?

Anyway I played this in 2002,and recently discovered there is still a large modding community for it


I'm not angry at that dude. He's just a guy on the internet. Anyway, how can this post >>1617 be taken seriously at all?

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