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>What is Dofus?
An mmosrpg (think FFT except you only control one character, and it's an mmo) of French origin. Has 18 very interesting classes with unique gameplay mechanics, loads of content, and very good strategic and tactical opportunities in various parts of the game. Group pvp is excellent and like nothing in any other mmo, but even high-level pve content is amazing in that regard.

>Why should I play?

In less than 48 hours, dofus will have a new server that only allows people to play from one account at a time, severely limiting bots and multiaccounting (playing a full party on your own), thus making dofus great again. Now is the best time to think about starting fresh in dofus. Tons of people are coming back and the server will be truly international (meaning French players and non-French players can all join the same server). This will remove the last true flaw of dofus.

>How do I play this wonderful and fantastic game?

dofus.com, make an account and download the client. Try out a few classes in the free area to find what you enjoy. The free areas have tons of contents so it gives a decent idea of what the game is like, at least at low to midlevels.

>F2p? P2P?

The game can be played free in a very limited area (trial-like). Subscription costs $5/mo (or less if you buy multiple months at once). You can also buy subscription time with in-game money, similar to eve online.

Questions, comments, insults, discussion about the game? Get in here!


>history of poor management


/vg/ has a duny & sawbones-based guild on ilyzaelle (the first monoaccount server). There's another group on dramak (third monoaccount server). Rest usually don't have /vg/ presence. So far they opened 7 monoaccount servers because of the ridiculous traffic they got, instead of just the one they announced.


If anyone wants to join the dramak guild, post your name here.

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