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File: 1517145728855.png (29.07 KB, 762x572, trail.png)


Oregon Trail Deluxe - Finalchan Edition


whoops. forgot to say it's being played in-browser here https://www.myabandonware.com/game/oregon-trail-deluxe-1h9/play-1h9


File: 1517146455836.png (432 B, 154x17, trail2.png)

Dammit, Matt. You are useless to us now.


File: 1517146892336.png (81.21 KB, 325x504, trail3.png)




File: 1517147452546.png (71.57 KB, 320x264, trail4.png)


File: 1517148029362.png (431 B, 180x16, trail5.png)

Well this isn't good. Better take it serious after that broken arm ordeal.


File: 1517148184487.png (107.91 KB, 761x569, trail6.png)

Dammit, Henry. We lost a week to your pussy ass and you still fail us. Rest in Pieces.


File: 1517148877751.png (945 B, 199x46, trail7.png)

I swear…


File: 1517149268688.png (986 B, 195x58, trail8.png)


muh boi!


File: 1517149389066.png (415 B, 164x17, trail9.png)

Not to sound vulgar, but Andrea is the only female on our crew. If she dies, I fear for the morale of the team.


File: 1517149602499.png (410 B, 163x17, trail10.png)

Morale for the men went up as soon as they found out Andrea could no longer fight off their advances. A broken arm and a broken leg means she can't cook or clean. That means she's only good for one thing…


File: 1517149805774.png (31.09 KB, 758x568, trail11.png)

Aside from some dead friends and a lame woman, we're doing pretty good on supplies. Could use more than 3 sets of clothes, but I had to make an unfair trade to get wagon parts and bullets after a fire and robbery.


File: 1517150279809.png (92.36 KB, 539x385, trail12.png)

Oh shit. Hold onnto your britches boys, we chose to build a raft and cruise down the rapids!


File: 1517150426716.png (199.81 KB, 763x573, trail13.png)

Time to start a ranch and a family! Congratulations to Andrea, Nate, and Timothy. You survived the Oregon Trail.


File: 1517150489521.png (13.39 KB, 763x572, trail14.png)

Top score settlers!

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