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It's almost time.



Donkey Kong?


I'm not expecting anything too grand. E3 is a couple of months away, so they'll save their reveals till then. Maybe a hint or a teaser.



So what happened?



Dark Souls shown. Dark Souls amiibo revealed.

Octopath Traveler got a release date.

3DS is still getting games released for it, with one even being announced for 2019.

Captain Toad announcement with stages from Super Mario Odyssey.

Splatoon 2 getting upgraded to version 3 with a bunch of additional gear and stages.

Splatoon 2 paid DLC that brings a new, and pretty cool looking, single player experience (on top of the one that is in the game)

Kirby Star Allies shown, demo available.

A lot of information on Mario Tennis Aces. It actually looks like they have put a lot of effort into making tennis fun.

Super Smash Bros. announced for 2018.


While I'm not too keen on the zone or racket health mechanics in aces, at least you can turn them off. The way trick shots work would mean you abuse the fuck out of it.
>Super Smash Bros. announced for 2018.
I don't know why people are surprised. There is speculation it is a port, but the trailer showing BOTW Link makes me think otherwise.

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