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these are the best Mario games, agree?


I still like Mario World better, personally. But I'm more of a 2D fan than a 3D fan, I guess. For 3D games, I agree Galaxy is better. But overall, I'd still rather play Mario World.


I'm in a similar boat. SMB3 I think is the epitome of 2D level design. Though, as far as 3D games are concerned, you would be hard pressed to find a game that has more fun, tighter controls, and great level design.


yes. I wanna play these on dolphin in hd. the games are already so pretty, I can only imagine what it would look like on dolphin


killed the 3D series
brought in Metroid-tier autists into the fucking fandom
brought in trash like Super Mario 3D
put Koizumi on chains for Mario than for Zelda, but oh no Storybookniggers and Paper Mario are still mad at Miyamoto for not pulling a Sonic Adventure/06 on Mario

fuck Galaxy
fuck Shitshine's secrets
fuck Super Mario 128

NX Mario 3D is going to be Galaxy trash again


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i honesty enjoy Mario sunshine more


A little bit off topic, but if you didn't know, the sparkles on the box art for Super Mario Galaxy (first one) spell out "Ur Mr Gay". Then, on Super Mario Galaxy 2, the sparkles are on the letters that spell out (backwards) "Ya I m r u".


Probably. I would have to play Mario 64 first before I make a judgement, though.


I dunno, Super Mario World was really the 'definitive' Mario game in a sense. Yeah, SMB3 and prior games really set the formula, but Super Mario World is really the one that's memorable to everyone.


I just bought Super Mario Galaxy on my WiiU from the online store, (stupidly) not realising that it would mean I have to play the game with a fucking wii remote. Nintendo really fucked up with that console.

On a slightly related note, has anyone got the Twilight Princess remake? Anything added/better? Looks essentially the same to me and for sure not worth full price(USER WON A GIFT FOR THIS POST. Post #1000. Let Us Know What You Got!)



Just so you know, before you purchase a game the front page of for that game has a list of what controllers are supported.

Super Mario Galaxy utilizes the pointer capabilities of the Wiimote quite a bit.

Find a used one, you wont be disappointed. SMG is a fantastic game, and SMG2 managed to improve on it.


Yeah like I said, it was stupid for me to assume I would not need a Wiimote. I do have one, it is more just the fact that I have got actual controllers for my WiiU, and the reason I never bought a Wii despite the catalog was that I had no intention of wagglin
I won that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you are part of a community that cares



You should have gotten a notification to claim a prize online. Did you not receive it?


File: 1460057792830.png (121.69 KB, 1362x510, humblebundlewin.png)

Shit, I thought you were taking the piss, thanks mate


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what? We give out games now? I've been looking to pick up the console version of The Fall. Mod! Mod! Notice me senpai!


No problem! We hope you enjoy the game! Be sure to make a post on /v/ about what you think of the game.

We may or may not do these in the future, it's uncertain. But who knows!


bruh, let me know how it is. seriously. come back and let me know, or I will look in the phonebook for Ano Nymous, and stand outside your house all night long.

You messed up Ano.


Im going away for the weekend but will post a thread about it on Monday

I will also bow down to the waggling and give Mario Galaxy a try


I really like the mario and luigi rpg games. They are easy and get repetitive quickly, but I had a lot of fun with them as long as I don't play it for long. You really only need to play one of them because they are all pretty much the same.


I think it's odd that we didn't get a proper new Mario for the Wii U. Miyamoto stated that he hopes to show off a new Mario next E3 for the NX.

I'm not shitting on Super Mario 3D World, as it was a fantastic game, but it wasn't an 'original', it took what was fantastic on the 3DS and expanded it to be better. Historically, Nintendo has designed their consoles to rotate around the Mario series, yet not with the Wii U.

*shrugs* We'll have to see what next year brings.



Jesus, have you tried SM Galaxy yet? The world is waiting for your review.


I never got around to it actually. I'm between houses at the moment and so don't have my Wii with me. I'll set it up and give it a go in a week or two. I'll even make a post on /v/ about it!


File: 1497722592883.jpg (25.35 KB, 500x375, 8c312353d1593bf7a52e137934….jpg)


i couldnt put my finger on exactly what i didnt like about it, but when another anon mentioned how the level design was totally linear in comparison to 64 and sunshine(if not just absolutely linear) it resonated with me. thats why im looking forward to odyssee


Dunno about the best game but it has the best music.

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