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As of 2 AM EST, it seems the IRC server is back up and operating.




I hope it doesn't get abandoned.


Do it, YES


File: 1457734410424.png (496.32 KB, 1280x800, i1340^cimgp….png)


oh jesus my cock is so fucking hard


File: 1463370990158.png (45.81 KB, 352x352, iuytsa-3101….png)

Keep us updated, OP!


OP, if you're developing that game (it seems like you are the dev), you're a very skilled coder and game dev. I hope this doesn't get abandoned.

>tfw OP isn't a faggot


you better not let this die


i dont like it


File: 1463522032382.png (291.61 KB, 800x750, 14615143398….png)



File: 1498184372475.png (505.39 KB, 900x550, magic craft….png)

there was a better-looking spyro fan game in development that i cant seem to find now. it used the spyro 2 engine and assets and looked good. the only questionable thing was the level design, which i guess youd expect from a single person making the game rather than a dev team, though i cant confirm the level design was bad, that was just the main thing i worried about in my expectations of it. anyone know what gamne im talking about?




i want to jerk off to that delicious gem collecting sound


Someone attempt to resurrect Spyro, huh? Well, good luck for them I guess…

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