>>/sp/6988 >>6984 Yep fictional British league
>>/p/2085 Shows over. Thanks for watching.
>>/p/2084 It's Friday Night Wrestling here on finalchan. Feel free to join your favorite retards while we watch ==HARD TO KILL 2020==
>>/r/12234 >>12228 anon are you not keeping up with things around here
>>/sp/6987 Video game development is advancing well.
>>/r/12232 >>12231 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3_lVSrPB6w
>>/r/12231 Who the fuck is cowboy michael? Is that the dude Conor McGregor is fighting this weekend?
>>/r/12230 Cowboy Michael doesn't tell me to get out of the way when the cable company stops by. How is everyone on Finalchan today? Fuck T
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