>>/r/16319 QANON Counterintel Drop#12 Still Playing the Game https://share.vidyard.com/watch/xSFsLEpQ1cMfwTARKtqD8f?
>>/r/16318 QANON Counterintel Drop#11 The Pied Piper https://share.vidyard.com/watch/p9LEHX16CfWhZM68ZbkWBt?
>>/r/16317 QANON Counterintel Drop#10 Codemonkey Fool https://share.vidyard.com/watch/Py4S5G8NTx9x2JXp9BH2M3?
>>/co/1835 >>1822 I will never forgive CN
>>/r/16313 QANON Counterintel drop#9 Shanghai Surprise https://share.vidyard.com/watch/gWZf2EzvhD6VHpfncMxFuH?
>>/r/16312 QAnon Counter Intel Drop#8 Tomoe Gozon 21rst century Warrior General https://share.vidyard.com/watch/86JhagTNPu8ChSdoqnB8f3?
>>/sp/7706 ==HEY LADS!== Take your time and immerse yourself into Shayism! An ideology that emphasizes the well-being and prosperity of the