>>/r/14734 I don't think it's proper to smoke anything other than American tobacco at Thanksgiving. Everyone in my family has learned to s
>>/r/14733 >>14730 No way. I would have heard something if that was the case.
>>/r/14731 As we all enjoy a bountiful harvest, remember to take care of your digestion!
>>/r/14730 Last I heard she was murdered. Life in the big city can be dangerous.
>>/r/14729 So for all that keep in touch with virtual youtubers, what is the status of Mirai Akari? Is she still popular? I met her twice
>>/r/14727 dinner's ready
>>/r/14725 Mmm... house smells of fresh bread. It is currently in the oven baking. My taste buds are tingling.
>>/r/14724 >>14723 Click Ok and try again, n00b
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