>>/r/14788 This is what happens when you hide a mans koosh ball inside a teddy ruxpin and think its all fun and games when you start to gig
>>/p/2207 when /p/ meets /sp/
>>/r/14787 >>14786 What's this?
>>/r/14785 >>14775 Looks like Christopher Lloyd. Or I guess Christina Lloyd.
>>/r/14784 he refused to work with Chirs Rock bc he was a nigger. based af.
>>/r/14783 >>14782 It's not your fault.
>>/p/2206 >Ed Nordholm & Scott D'Amore on the Passing of Bob Ryder Everyone at IMPACT Wrestling is heartbroken by the passing of Bo
>>/r/14782 >>14777 What would you like to know? She was a conservative white woman raised on a dairy farm, one time beauty contest winner
>>/r/14781 Larry Fine of Three Stooges, Frizzy‐Haired Comic, Is Dead By Louis Calta Larry Fine, the frizzy‐haired member of the Three
>>/r/14778 Thank you.