>>/r/15762 >>15760 What kind of magic do these coins possess?
>>/r/15760 >>15625 >MUH FREEDOMS >MUH ELITES >MUH MAGICCOINS ywnbarw
>>/sp/7600 >>7599 Stop ruining the illusion.
>>/sp/7599 >>7598 This seems like copy/pasta circa 2008 or 2012.
>>/sp/7598 >>7596 Some people say America is a two-party system that has one of the most democratic elections in the world. Of course, if y
>>/sp/7597 >>7596 No, but he is the only one with a lifetime of actually fighting for it.
>>/sp/7596 Is Ron Paul the only American who still cares about freedom?
>>/r/15754 >>15750 Nice fro. Also, this show sucked. The Game Awards is also complete garbage now. Good job, Geoff. You had one good
>>/r/15743 Humble Bundle also, because it used to be cool.