>>/sp/7291 posting feetball in a baseball thread
>>/p/2120 a retrospective
>>/sp/7290 >>7289 >Shitty people oh, so you already live there?
>>/r/13786 See my new recently created sites (xxx tube and porn toplist). I need your opinion about them. Also I hope you will find them i
>>/r/13784 A slow but friendly greeting from Slothchan! https://slothchan.net
>>/sp/7289 >>7288 Shitty people, constant noise, higher cost of living.
>>/sp/7288 Why don't you live in a big city, anon?
>>/s/1084 >>1083 I'm intrigued to know if it would run on ReactOS. I bet TinyXP can still be found for free too.
>>/sp/7286 >>7284 sports are dead. Except Korean besbol and Australian foosball.
>>/s/1083 I used to have a patch that made Lara Croft Nekkid for the first 3 TRs, but that was pre XP and would never run on any current O
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