>>/co/1637 High-jacking this thread to say the April solicits are crap. Does no one draw backgrounds anymore? Everything is on plain ass
>>/sp/7075 >>7074
>>/r/12930 planet curse
>>/sp/7074 >>7073 >>7072 pic related for real this time
>>/sp/7072 >tfw you're the best slot receiver in the league and you're stuck on an 0-2 team
>>/r/12929 Looks like a site dedicated to fetishism of transsexuals?
>>/r/12928 ==https://omnichan.net/== Board creation enabled, Tor allowed. http://omnichqqnol2hc5nlnz7zkektki4bobiuxxidcmihppq7hnzwieu6gqd
>>/r/12927 Noisy Swindle Actually brought up some pretty bad-ass robots and tanks. Not sure why.
>>/r/12926 >>12305 Ur a fucking cunt, my dude.
>>/sp/7071 Now that week 2 is over, here is what the standings look like.
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