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>>/r/15418 >>15408 >"Why are you putting your penis in my arsehole?" >"Because I love you?" This one works. Try it out.
>>/r/15417 >>15408 4. "Do I look fat in this dress?" While perhaps OK in a healthy relationship, asking "do I look fat in this dress?" at
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>>/r/15408 >>15407 The only time it's appropriate to say "I love you?" with a question mark is in response to the statement "you love me."
>>/r/15407 >>15399 Like: "I love you" "I'm sorry" I don't understand why you would ever do that. You say I love you, then you follow it up
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>>/sp/7578 I wouldn't mind some gold or silver bars stamped with XANAX on them. That would be a fun thing to show people. "You wont bel
>>/p/2300 https://youngtube.wapka.co/gutiegarden