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Anonymous 05/27/2019 (Mon) 22:47:27 No. 1524 [Reply]
Do you have a favorite /co/-related memory?

Pic related my first comics, all bought at the grocery store
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X-Factor #85 is without a doubt one of my most memorable comics experiences.

It was dark, fast, and focused on the characters. There was death, decapitations, characters actually getting fucked up, and a lat of line work. It's an issue with 50 characters in it, but each panel explains who they are and what they do without drifting off into origin stories.

I was 10 when I read it. It has stuck with me. Attached are a few excerpts, but I saved the best for those that go and read it.

(919.51 KB 840x1320 1.png)
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Anonymous 05/16/2019 (Thu) 22:22:36 No. 1518 [Reply]
Found this comic called Weapon Brown, and it's a trip.

The book is a dark, gritty, apocalyptic tale that stars cartoon strip characters. Charlie Brown is still dealing with depression, but in a much more… adult way.

So far it has been really interesting. I'm sure part of that is the references and familiar characters making cameos, but it's been fun anyway.

Attached are a few screenshots.
Holy shit, that's amazing.

(3.48 KB 255x255 Untitled.png)
Anonymous 05/08/2019 (Wed) 21:00:03 No. 1495 [Reply]

Comics solicited in May, to be released in July.
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(4.07 MB 1170x1800 ClipboardImage.png)
(W) Todd McFarlane (A) Jason Shawn Alexander (CA) Todd McFarlane

"WAR TO 300," Part Two: Witness the debut of TODD McFARLANE's newest creation-The Rapture! Heaven's answer to the mythic Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, these eternal warriors are tasked with eliminating the plague called humanity from the face of the Earth. The WAR TO 300 rages! Next month, new allegiances will form, new enemies will rise, and history will be made!

In Shops: Jul 31, 2019
SRP: $2.99
(3.14 MB 1185x1758 ClipboardImage.png)

(W) George Herriman (A/CA) George Herriman

A color facsimile of the complete Sunday color pages of George Herriman's Krazy Kat from 1935-44. One of the first comics to be considered a work of art, Krazy Kat delights with its detailed characterization and visual/verbal creativity alongside the slapstick shenanigans between Krazy and Ignatz the mouse. This volume features a 100-page illustrated introduction by Alexander Braun.

In Shops: Jul 03, 2019
SRP: $200.00
(2.56 MB 1163x1800 ClipboardImage.png)

(W) Poppy , Titanic Sinclair, Cady Ryan (A) Ian McGinty, minomiyabi

Is she a girl? Is she a machine? Is she humanity's redemption, or its damnation? Don't be scared - either way, she is Poppy… and you love Poppy! Witness the genesis of the Internet phenomenon in this original graphic novel, bundled with a brand new Album, only available here.
I am Poppy. I am Poppy. I am Poppy. I am Poppy. I am Poppy. I am Poppy.

In Shops: Jul 03, 2019
SRP: $24.99
Why is that $200?
People will pay crazy amounts for archival prints.

Also, it's Hardcover, 632 pages, in cardboard box with handle.

Krazy Kat represented a turning point for comic strips. Once it hit the newspapers, it made comics "art" (whatever that means to people). So it's a huge book with a good comic that plays on nostalgia or historical importance. Deadly combination for selling it for so much.

To compare, the complete Calvin & Hobbes hardbound collection is $300.00… but you can find it all over the place for almost half that. So I assume this collection will be the same way.

(184.84 KB 750x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 05/09/2019 (Thu) 23:14:38 No. 1499 [Reply]
I bought a few things from Lion Forge, specifically a couple of books from their Catalyst Prime series (it wasn't good), but never bought anything from Oni Press.

>Lion Forge and Oni Press have announced a merger, where Lion Forge’s parent company, Polarity, will become the majority owner.

>The new entity will be helmed by James Lucas Jones serving as president and publisher. The Oni team will lead creative and business operations.


(2.17 MB 925x882 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 05/01/2019 (Wed) 16:27:34 No. 1484 [Reply]
Rob Liefeld was 2 blocks from me, but I didn't know it.

I could have gotten a copy of Youngbloods signed.

he looks like a 5th grader took some sort of age-up serum
I guess that's what millions can do for you. Make comics for your whole life and swig that Mt. Dew.

(19.17 KB 548x354 1.png)
(8.94 KB 541x352 2.png)
(30.32 KB 550x356 3.png)
(17.88 KB 545x358 4.png)
(8.82 KB 548x353 5.png)
Anonymous 05/02/2019 (Thu) 00:12:31 No. 1485 [Reply]
So like, all we need now is a writer, a letterer and an artist.
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This looks more like an engineering firm tho
(19.38 KB 1024x768 FCC 1.png)
(18.83 KB 1024x768 FCC 2.png)
(18.47 KB 1024x768 FCC Menorah editions.png)
(20.86 KB 544x352 edit.png)
That's actually a nice touch. Good job.

(684.10 KB 949x1105 IMG_20190408_145521.jpg)
Anonymous 04/08/2019 (Mon) 20:44:19 No. 1479 [Reply]
This is one hell of a way to ship an IndieGoGo book.

Doug TenNapel's Bigfoot Bill is a hardcover, with two different colors of foil, bookmark, patch, and trading card.
(582.48 KB 736x681 ClipboardImage.png)
I liked Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and the Eathworm Jim cartoon/games. I always forgot to check out his Armikrog(sp?) game that was claymation. Looked interesting.

Phoenix Jones Retiring Anonymous 03/11/2019 (Mon) 21:44:53 No. 1476 [Reply]

MMA fighter turned superhero Phoenix Jones is retiring after 10 years of service protecting Seattle. He was shot, stabbed, beaten, arrested and sued, but kept on going for years. Press f to pay respects to a real hero.
Seems like a cool guy trying to do some good in the world. O7


(135.76 KB 1024x768 GunZ-The-Duel.jpg)
EuroGunZ (GunZ The Duel) Anonymous 02/28/2019 (Thu) 10:33:28 No. 1475 [Reply]
EuroGunZ (GunZ The Duel)

One of the best TPS I've ever played, I've been playing this in the last 10 years and this game never gets old. It's amazing all the different things you can do and the different game modes you can play. This game really needs more recognition.

Website: https://universegunz.net
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Uc3eGbyiyo