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Anonymous 06/05/2018 (Tue) 18:26:02 No. 1297 [Reply] [Last]
tis fuggin time
I loved that show
literally who?
more like my life as a teenage fuckbot amirite
(16.82 KB 504x336 18hgigy1j6tesjpg.jpg)
So… is there any Fruit Fucker 2000 taking on XJ-9 creations?

Asking for a friend.

Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 20:02:16 No. 1287 [Reply] [Last]
Get ready for another royal wedding

This one wont last either. They are also too different.

I do appreciate that slutty Selina is wearing black.
(427.19 KB 1044x1600 Wedding Cover.JPG)
(175.35 KB 1036x1527 smgfll_86g.jpg)
(536.33 KB 841x1280 4299533-4176666-ll89.jpg)
(158.47 KB 704x1020 giantloislane1rt.jpg)

DC really likes putting Lois Lane in a wedding dress

She was wifey material until the most recent incarnations. Did you see Justice League? What a horribly useless character.

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 15:29:29 No. 1291 [Reply] [Last]
where was he in Infinity War?
He shows up in part II to avenge the Avengers.

Who avenges the avengers?
(240.32 KB 473x750 roschach.jpg)


(623.14 KB 1061x1600 comic book covers_0005.jpg)
Anonymous 05/14/2018 (Mon) 23:35:47 No. 1269 [Reply] [Last]
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(632.96 KB 1654x2511 727391_batman-47.jpg)
Batman #47


DC Comics
>Store Date
May 16, 2018
>Cover Price
Tom King
Sandu Florea
>Cover Artist
Tony S. Daniel
>Issue Notes
'THE TRAVELERS' part three! As Booster Gold, Batman and Catwoman zero in on the time anomaly, what they find and their actions to correct it will have ramifications on all of the DC Universe. Tom King and Master Class artist Tony S. Daniel end their first story with a bang that will tee up the next big development in the Batman/Catwoman romance.


>Diamond ID
Mighty Moe Szyslak #1 (one Shot)


Bongo Comics
>Store Date
May 16, 2018
>Cover Price
Ian Boothby
Mike Kazelah
>Cover Artist
Jason Ho
>Issue Notes
Springfield's belligerent bartender takes his best shot at a one-shot! First, Moe and Barney go on an excellent time-traveling adventure in search of love? and beer! Then, Moe goes in search of his long-lost, evil twin brother. And Moe waxes nostalgic over his lucky bar rag. All this and more Mighty Moe tales await you!


>Diamond ID
Weapon H #3


>Store Date
May 16, 2018
>Cover Price
Greg Pak
Cory Smith
>Cover Artist
Leinil Francis Yu


>Diamond ID
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27


Boom! Studios
>Store Date
May 16, 2018
>Cover Price
Kyle Higgins
Daniele Nicuolo
>Cover Artist
Jamal Campbell
>Issue Notes
As Lord Drakkon's power and influence grows, the Power Rangers work with new allies from across time and dimensions, including Ranger teams such as Time Force, RPM, and Samurai, to craft a plan to fight back?but is it already too late?


>Diamond ID

I picked this up. I've liked a lot of Jeff Lemire's stuff. It's pretty hit or miss, so we'll see how this arc goes.

Also picked up *Wildstorm #13*. The quality in this series has been all over the place. Sometimes an issue comes out, and it seems like Warren Ellis was thinking about going a different direction, but then came back to the main storyline. It's been mostly good.

Getting *Moonshine #10* also. I've fallen behind on this second story arc, but the first five issues put Moonshine in my Top 3 list of comics from last year.

And that's it. I have 24 books on my pull list this month, but this week is slow for me.

(358.28 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 000fc.jpg)
(408.50 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 001.jpg)
(356.32 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 002.jpg)
(393.00 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 003.jpg)
(368.20 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 004.jpg)
Quasar #6 Anonymous 05/14/2018 (Mon) 21:43:35 No. 1264 [Reply] [Last]
Random story time thread since I'm in a good mood
(345.34 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 005.jpg)
(370.46 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 006.jpg)
(407.49 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 007.jpg)
(403.45 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 008.jpg)
(452.03 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 009.jpg)
(343.95 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 010.jpg)
(366.84 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 011.jpg)
(356.32 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 012.jpg)
(419.83 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 013.jpg)
(347.26 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 014.jpg)
(396.88 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 015.jpg)
(348.04 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 016.jpg)
(321.56 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 017.jpg)
(353.12 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 018.jpg)
(392.87 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 019.jpg)
(352.55 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 020.jpg)
(381.03 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 021.jpg)
(324.08 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 022.jpg)
(439.91 KB 994x1507 Quasar 6 023.jpg)
(380.79 KB YOUNGBLOOD-Script.pdf)

Thanks for sharing. In exchange, have the script for the Youngblood movie that never got made.

Anonymous 05/13/2018 (Sun) 18:12:26 No. 1255 [Reply] [Last]
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(100.31 KB 404x606 boostercover.jpg)
(490.04 KB 600x900 XForce.jpg)

The Man, the Myth, the Legend
(305.41 KB 404x606 Extree.jpg)
(795.79 KB 966x1497 Fantastic_Four_Vol_1_375.jpg)

This cover of Fantastic Four #375 always reminds me of the influence Liefeld had across the whole industry.

Look at this gun design. I also love this cover because it's (1) foil and (2) it's when Sue storm was made sexy.
(76.03 KB 255x300 hearty_cac.png)

(103.03 KB 920x879 1524521405198.jpg)
Anonymous 04/24/2018 (Tue) 02:31:53 No. 1237 [Reply] [Last]
How does /co/ feel about the new Venom movie leak?
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Not a "leak" anymore. Watched the entire trailer last night. I wasn't really impressed with much from it. I'll probably watch it once it's been released and uploaded in HD online. I thought Venom looked okay but they could have still done a lot better. I just don't really see much of quality in movies anymore.

Just watched the trailer and I'm with you. It looks more like an episode of a TV show. I didn't really like the look of Venom either. The back story looks pretty ridiculous also. There was no redeeming factor for me. A trailer is supposed to get you interested, and this did the opposite for me.

Nice to see Jenny Slate playing a role other than Jewish Slut. Hopefully this will help her get other roles.
We are Venom…

dat tongue. shut yo mouf.
(702.52 KB 482x960 venommario.png)
(63.28 KB 848x565 pondering-woman.jpg)
this is a surprisingly accurate representation.

Is all media a formula to generate the most profit by playing with our preferred dynamics?

Anonymous 04/26/2018 (Thu) 00:05:07 No. 1247 [Reply] [Last]
Is there an alternate cover ? You know, a sexy version?

(684.36 KB 1920x1080 6fpCH6.jpeg)
Anonymous 04/12/2018 (Thu) 11:56:47 No. 1216 [Reply] [Last]
This show looks promising…
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She has probably the best-looking costume on the CW, aside from Stargirl.

I watched the firs couple of episodes just because she looks so damn good in that costume. The story was pretty bad though, and eventually my brain overruled my benis.
Had your brain and benis worked in tandem, you would have just fapped to her nudes.
I actually prefer the outfit on…
I've only watched the crossover episodes with the Arrowverse that's about it. Arrow has become shitty, Legends is bad but still watchable, and The Flash is the final hope but even it's been going somewhat downhill as well.

(265.48 KB 1167x1600 adetective-005.jpg)
Anonymous 04/17/2018 (Tue) 22:27:44 No. 1221 [Reply] [Last]
Comics for Wednesday 4/18/18

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(2.41 MB 1185x1800 nickwilson.jpg)

I too am picking up AC#1000. Seems like it's just a collection of stories. It must be really popular, because I see it's already relisted for the next few months.

## Further Adv Of Nick Wilson #4 ##

>Image Comics: April 18, 2018 Writer: Eddie Gorodetsky Art: Steve Sadowski Cover: Pete Woods

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 70985302542900411 Diamond ID: FEB180620 GCIN: 992673

>When a mysterious crippled stranger appears on his doorstep, Nick Wilson discovers that the ramifications of his super-powered past actions have unfolded in unexpected ways.
(1.42 MB 1185x1800 moonshine.jpg)

I'm also getting Moonshine, which I think is one of the best comics out right now.

Moonshine #9

>Image / Valiant: April 18, 2018 Writer: Brian Azzarello Art: Eduardo Risso Cover: Eduardo Risso

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 70985302234300911 Diamond ID: FEB180656 GCIN: 992585

>'MISERY TRAIN,' Part Three: Lou Pirlo learns the dark art of snake-charming, but when things go horribly wrong, readers will learn whether there's enough swamp magic in all Louisiana to keep our boy alive.
(1.44 MB 1186x1800 wildstorm.jpg)
Wild Storm #13

>DC Comics: April 18, 2018 Writer: Warren Ellis Art: Jon Davis-Hunt Cover: Jon Davis-Hunt

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 76194134644101311 Diamond ID: FEB180262 GCIN: 992577

>John Lynch, once the director of IO, the secret deep-state agency that runs Earth, is on the road. His darkest project, Thunderbook, has been uncovered, and he needs to warn the principals, now scattered across America. Hiding. Because they were his most successful experiments. And none of them are completely human anymore.
I can't remember if Domino #1 was supposed to come out this week, or last week, but I was a bit interested in it. Written by Gail Simone, so it could be hit or miss.
I actually might pick this up.


no cookies?