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(272.18 KB 740x1039 Screenshot_2018-08-22_16-20-52.png)
Anonymous 08/22/2018 (Wed) 21:22:56 No. 1391
Well here's a dilemma, I'm not sure if this goes in /v/ or /co/ and this site isn't busy enough to crosspost.

The Switch is getting an app to read comic books.
(34.07 KB 600x600 1300044776986.jpg)
>IDW, Valiant, Dynamite
>no big 2
This thing is DOA

Don't forget Andrews McMeel. That's a huge library alone.
I think this fit's /co/ more directly, than /v/ (let's be real though, it'd be the same people posting in either thread cac). Anyways, this is cool as hell. It actually looks decent as well.
I don't think DC or Marvel play nice with any of the subscription services. They each run their own. They are taking the Disney (Marvel?) approach of taking their toys and going home. If you want to play, you have to pay to get into their house.
I can't believe they actually expect people to read comics on a TV screen, doing it on a computer is inconvenient enough already.
Seems perfect for daily comic strips before you go out the door to work. The Anndrews McMeel deal is, I assume, mostly their newspaper strip syndications.
Yeah, this is probablh the way they should go. It's not like they could physically print out the comics and deliver them right to your door. Comic strips can't be put on the internet either.


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