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Sanic Thread Anonymous 06/22/2019 (Sat) 01:36:23 No. 1531
Sanic comic containment thread

As of now, two issues of the continued Archie stories are over at http://archiesoniconline.com/ along with the first issue of Knuckles and 5 issues of Mobius Legends.

IDW comics are also still ongoing, places like ReadComicOnline have the latest issues.
(517.53 KB 921x410 Capture.PNG)
Daily reminder robots masterrace
(53.47 KB 180x157 whatthefuck.png)
(117.17 KB 311x303 smug.PNG)
s m u g
>mfw IDW
(47.57 KB 138x163 knuck1.png)
(345.01 KB 658x1024 16.jpg)
>Rambo Knuckles
fucking hell that made me audibly laugh
(141.77 KB 257x261 knuck2.png)
(46.76 KB 169x205 Capture.PNG)
>mfw Unity
Here's another.
(315.29 KB 397x571 b61.jpg)
>There's an overlap in staff between ASO and IDW

top kek
Sonic is 28 today, Finalchan

What did you get him for his birthday?
I played the last good Sonic game, released 28 years ago.
Team Sonic Racing didn't come out 28 years ago, silly!
Should've. Maybe they would have cancelled Sonic then.
well, it's a good thing then, seeing as Sonic is still going!
(468.48 KB 1065x396 Capture.PNG)
(286.03 KB 1061x408 Capture2.PNG)
descriptions for next issue of ASO and SU are up
I follow these rules tbh

especially no friends


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