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Anonymous 02/23/2022 (Wed) 03:16:52 No. 1837
Hello, nice place! need ideas to know the exact way to appeal to a certain demographics? im trying to be as family friendly as possible but i dont exactly know whats mosy family friendlu but uh, pokemon and hello kitty, mickey mouse? star wars input appreciated or maybe if pictureposted here is actually family? what do i miss? tx
(98.92 KB 959x959 index.jpg)
Yeah, those are good examples of family friendly entertainment that have been successful. There are a ton of "family content" watch groups online that could also help you out. Just see what they are complaining about and don't do that. Simply put, try to remember you are making entertaining more children and people raising children. Mostly simple conflicts with easy to comprehend resolutions. No demons, no nudity, no cussing. The trick is to find a way to do it that doesn't sound like you are preaching your own values to them. Remember, you are trying to be entertaining. No one, children included, like to just be preached to. Unless it's a G.I. Joe public service announcement. Good luck.
>>1838 hmm, most "family friendly content" on youtube has the commented blocked out so i am not sure exactly how to survey everything? would there be something more straight forward? like as you say, no demons, no nudity, no something something? maybe a simple bullet list to go thru for every piece i produce to know if it is ok?
>>1839 If you are shooting for YouTube content, I would install the plugin that brings back the Dislike button on YouTube, and then see how people are responding to similar content.
>>1840 how do you even do th
Forgot this thread was... so stocked on the idea of, getting that minimum standard first...