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Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, maybe they're not all too frequent.. But you get the point.

What is Finalchan?

Finalchan is an imageboard that follows a more strict posting guideline. We favor quality over quantity, and try relatively hard to enforce that. This does not mean that we censor things however, it just means that you should try to be a bit less of a shitposter on Finalchan (unless you're posting in /sp/ of course).

Why do you use shitty naming schemes you faggots.

We have less traditional naming schemes mainly due to us trying to get away from the sort of stigma the traditional boards have. Specifically, /b/. That's why we chose /r/, since we wanted to have a more discussion-oriented random board, and then have the shitposting elsewhere (which is where /sp/ came from).

Why was my post moved?

Your post was probably moved because it fit somewhere else better. We have relatively strict guidelines for the discussion boards, and are very keen on following and enforcing them. Don't take this personally however, it's just a move (Psh, nothin personell, kid), also, taking it seriously just makes you look like a jackass.

You keep mentioning this "guideline for posting", what is it?

It's relatively simple, and pretty lax. For the discussion boards, don't post anything that's too like a shitpost, and don't be an asshole. More can be seen on the rules page.

I was banned for { thing }, why?

We only really ban if you continuously abuse our guidelines/rules, or if you post Child Pornography. If you got banned wrongfully, please contact us through either moderator@finalchan.net or through the IRC channel. The IRC channel is accessible through the link in the boardlist or through your client by clicking here or by manually connecting your client to irc.finalchan.net (ports 6667 for normal, or 6697 for SSL) and joining #finalchan.

I keep getting an error when posting. ("Flood Detected", "Your request looks automated", or "You look like a bot")

The usual fix is to wait 5-10 minutes and then post again. If this doesn't work however, contact us with: The contents of the post, your browser (and it's version), and a link to the previous post you made.

I keep getting an error when posting. ("Invalid image/webm", "There was a problem processing your webm")

If you receive this error when posting a file, it probably means that the file has an issue with it, even if you're able to play it yourself. See, the main issue is that the file has an invalid, corrupt, or non-existant EOF (end of file) tag. Most file viewers are able to view the file without this though, so you don't see an issue. A relatively simple solution is opening the image in an image editor, and re-exporting it. Or if it's a video, opening in a video editor and re-exporting it.

What are the file limits?

There are some file limits when posting.

How do I format text?

What's your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is as follows:

Finalchan Privacy Policy v1.02 (Updated 9/26/15)

Finalchan as a whole respects your privacy

We WILL NEVER distribute, sell, or exploit your information for the use of third parties. We WILL NEVER release information, except as required to under penalty of legal action.

The information we collect:

We use a locally hosted analytics tool to analyze this information. We use it to troubleshoot, add features, and to evaluate performance. This database is maintained for the life of the site.

Tinyboard, the site's imageboard software, collects IP addresses of posters, for use in mod tools such as bans. The program maintains this information unless an IP’s activity is wiped from the system, ie, deleting all the posts from an IP. Tinyboard, alongside Javascript and any other scripts used on Finalchan, are all hosted locally and do not send out any data collected.

Please note these policies do not apply to any information YOU personally choose to share. Any information you choose to share knowingly or accidentally, including but not limited to emails, names and any identifying information in files or post body, is public, and Finalchan is not responsible for this information.

We allow embedding of various online services (like YouTube), and unfortunately we cannot stop these services from collecting your information.

Yeah, well, you've got a privacy policy, now where's your canary?

Right here.