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ECW appreciation thread Anonymous 10/25/2020 (Sun) 11:48:32 No. 2169 [Reply]
feeling nostalgic
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Who is that with Kenny? I need a name for my research.
(43.45 KB 576x432 mpv-shot0075.jpg)
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Matt Hardy Anonymous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 02:11:05 No. 2150 [Reply]
F in the chat
(1.79 MB 1280x720 Hardy.mp4)
I saw that fall he took. Looked pretty bad. Did they provide any updates yet?

He dove off a scissor lift, through a table, and landed on his head. Not sure if it hurt the concrete or him more, but still hope for a speedy recovery.
He's okay folks!
I work in construction, and strongly suggest you tie off to the equipment whenever you are on a scissor lift to help prevent falls.

Also, when on such equipment, you should wear a hard hat in case of emergencies.

Moose sucks eggs Anonymous 08/27/2020 (Thu) 20:52:32 No. 2149 [Reply]

BOUND FOR GLORY 2020 Anonymous 08/24/2020 (Mon) 22:47:56 No. 2148 [Reply]
Impact Bound for Glory.

This October.

Break a leg.

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(111.13 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0013.jpg)
AEW Revolution 2.29.2020 Anonymous 07/14/2020 (Tue) 22:08:25 No. 2120 [Reply]
a retrospective
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(123.10 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0028.jpg)
How many episodes left before you are caught up with current airings ?

Four I think
(232.19 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0021.jpg)

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(110.70 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0003.jpg)
FRIDAY NIGHT IMPACT! Anonymous 07/31/2020 (Fri) 23:10:22 No. 2136 [Reply]
7/28/2020 edition
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The unstoppable Thread Killer rears his ugly head.

(223.80 KB 530x577 Screenshot-1.png)
Anonymous 07/18/2020 (Sat) 19:52:59 No. 2127 [Reply]
Got my plans for the evening.

Can't miss the return of Cowboy James Storm.
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The North were ranked 6th best tag team overall by PWI going in to slammiversary
Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin aren't on the list at all. Looks like the Motor City Machine Guns have an uphill battle, according to PWI.

you love to see it

TONIGHT Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 00:48:23 No. 2118 [Reply]
It's going down
Jericho plans to beat Cassidy with his hands in his pockets? The mad lad.

(88.58 KB 317x474 Screenshot.png)
Anonymous 05/22/2020 (Fri) 23:26:29 No. 2092 [Reply]
Demon Bunny sans Demon
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Yeah, but how was the show?
(119.67 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0162.jpg)
Who is she canoodling with? I'll tell on her. She's a married woman!
(220.92 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0002.jpg)
(435.08 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0003.jpg)
(427.82 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0007.jpg)
Highjacking thread for legendary Angelina Love versus Kiera Hogan on a shit stream!

(108.94 KB 960x720 mpv-shot0055.jpg)
(126.72 KB 960x720 mpv-shot0056.jpg)
(149.56 KB 960x720 mpv-shot0057.jpg)
WWF Survivor Series 97 Anonymous 05/30/2020 (Sat) 02:07:25 No. 2101 [Reply]
lets relive the night of the infamous montreal screwjob
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(98.60 KB 960x720 mpv-shot0109.jpg)
(106.74 KB 960x720 mpv-shot0110.jpg)
(124.40 KB 960x720 mpv-shot0111.jpg)
What are those phone numbers for, and are they still active?