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(4.25 MB 4128x3096 20190515_202051.jpg)
(3.98 MB 4128x3096 20190515_202420.jpg)
The weed bread Anonymous 05/15/2019 (Wed) 23:40:17 No. 11315
Welcome to weed review for today we are covering bruce banner

Allow this helpful nerd guide to lead the way but heres what i have to say

It tastes like well dirt with samples of sweetness and I do feel happy afterwards , I just struggled with basic math so prepare for retardedness I would not suggest this for work unless its labor related.

1 off brand supreme can out of 10 td;rl
I tried my first joint today, Eddison Casa Blanca. It was indica. Honestly I hated the smell/taste and it took a long time to kick in, but once it did I realized why they say not to smoke the whole joint in one sitting on your first try. I was utterly fucked but only for about an hour.

My parents smoke way more than I do lmao. They made cookies, but im applying for internships so I can't partake in that.
(3.66 MB 4128x3096 20190520_194850.jpg)
(4.74 MB 4128x3096 20190520_195015.jpg)
This is an actual new strain developed on the east coasts of canada known as limsicle or lime popsicle its can be potent with 20 to 25% thc or up to 5%cb. Finding this strain is pretty difficult as it only surfaced around 2018

So it smells slightly like lemons as it is a mix of lemonhaze and chernoybyl and once again it taste basically like dirt and VERY SLIGHT orange peels if you care about such a thing.

Tldr Its good to play videogames with because your still mentally focused but i felt my memory wasnt all there , prepare to feel imaginative while forgetting why your in the kitchen
(318.57 KB 1067x1024 grease-monkey__primary_ef0a.jpg)
Going to have some time off of work for a while so I picked up some Northern Lights and Grease Monkey.

So far the Grease Monkey has given me intense munchies but overall a very relaxed easy going high feeling pretty goofy overall
(3.21 MB 3092x2962 IMG_3320.jpg)
Newest strain at my shop. Called Lemon Romanesco. Shit has huge nugs. They keep it in a section that has water spritzing on it to keep fresh. Pretty cheap when you buy it by the pound.
Looks dank
That shit looks fresh as fuck
Heres some government weeed , its Edison Rio Bravo and prepare for an aftershock in your head that makes you tingle and wanna just relax (+5s) afterwards.

For some reason they say it taste spicy but that sounds fucking stupid , tastes like dirt and mangos

A potent strain at a price
oh hey nice, my first legal weed was edison

it kinda sucked. I tried an edible a week later though and it fucking destroyed me.
Heres something a little more spicy , agent orange derives from the strain of the same name and this brand in particuler is canadian

It has that waxy taste all shatters have and is sorta sweet.
I reccomend this if your gonna be playing minecraft in creative
What's some good strains that are psychedelic as Lemon Haze?
This little shit nugget is blueberry kush

It's a classic that tastes sorta like berrys

Left me feeling woke enough to get a victory royale
blue skittles in my experience
(163.71 KB 644x984 sunshine4.jpg)
My recent pick up, will post bud pics later
Lately I've been taking some super strong indica gel caplet things and they used to fuck me up so hard I'd dissociate and think I was in a VR game or something. This time around (3rd or 4th time trying I think) though it was just fun. Finally building a tolerance to this shit.
This is whatever ut says it is , pretty dank makes you eat everything tho
(3.25 MB 4128x3096 20190703_141214.jpg)
Pic related


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