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(7.88 MB 1280x720 kaicho.webm)
(2.50 MB 960x720 bartinthefirstage.webm)
Webm thread unity 08/26/2019 (Mon) 02:13:10 No. 11576
I need a home
(2.67 MB 480x360 InitialDRunner.webm)
(3.93 MB 640x360 InitialDMarbleRace.webm)
>I need a home

Welcome to the Family.

Stick around for a few episodes, get popular, and we'll add you to the opening credits like Steve Urkel.
(((I found you...Head_of_the_Demon)))
It's real neato you show the file names
(574.68 KB 640x360 Here comes another funny.mp4)
(9.03 MB 1280x720 ea_is_sorry.mp4)
(6.10 MB 640x360 Bart Uses [THE WORLD].mp4)
I don't understand a word these gypsies are saying, but I'm sure it's hilarious.
that's not gypsy it's drunk scot
(2.96 MB 320x240 scottish teenager.webm)
(4.18 MB 384x288 serveimage.gif)
I was genuinely hoping for an infinite draw. Just replay the last round forever.
(7.93 MB 234x242 MAI-Z_-_GENTLEMAN.mp4)
good gif. reminds me of Pitt's character Mickey in Snatch
(12.74 MB 640x360 scrubinhisnaturalhabitat.webm)
(3.01 MB 640x360 drift.mp4)
(2.75 MB 450x253 op.webm)
(49.48 KB 372x454 Rosa.jpg)
I'm adding a bump because I don't want you fuckers to die out due to lack of traffic. Viva le Chan, Viva le Posting of stuff. I will swing by again and add something relevent once I have something to post that doesn't violate y'alls rules.
(3.19 MB 640x360 El Chavo del JOJO.mp4)
(13.62 MB 640x360 honkiesgonnatonk.mp4)
So I called out Friday because I was hung over. I really need to take a break from drinking when I'm at home by myself.
(3.59 MB 400x400 1565162738105.webm)
(12.71 MB 640x360 scotland seems like home.webm)
Is this thread locked?
(19.63 MB 640x360 drfeelgood.mp4)
(413.63 KB 360x360 imgonnasayit.mp4)
(1.98 MB 400x298 tenor.gif)
What a miserable family. They should have kissed on the lips more.
most beautiful English accent
I wonder what rural Russia is really like
(5.31 MB 640x360 buenosdiasmandy.webm)
>ay what's good with you man?
(2.84 MB 230x408 badass_chink.webm)
That is digusTING, but the trick with the cigarette was cool.
goblin waifu time
(1.54 MB 640x360 suptroglodykes.mp4)
Where to steal the best webms ? I want to be the cool guy that posts these.
(1015.35 KB 720x480 spazchan.webm)
yt with a firefox addon. If you want the whole vid
I had to save the whole video then upload to an online clipper for these.
(1.30 MB 400x320 cali.mp4)
Needs a bit at the end of someone pulling out the plug.
(19.93 MB 640x360 Smash Galaxy.mp4)
How this place so slow with 20mb ul limits?
(17.19 MB 854x478 Boobie.mp4)

Finalchan is a secret club. Plus, we're always slower on the holidays. I think it's because most of our users have jobs/school/relationships.

It's a weird place here. Imageboard without an abundance of neets.
I can see that
High jacking the thread for a moment just to show off this cool project a dude is making in the Warhammer universe.

Doing the whole thing himself. Thought it was cool.

(5.46 MB 1280x720 Thot Patrol.webm)
that was really good. savedit
Just saved this masterpiece
(751.65 KB 202x360 Naaaaain't going back son.webm)
(8.53 MB 640x360 thinkingthoughts.webm)
Girls are horrible at planning. They are too scatterbrained to be good streamers! They don't think about their broadcast, always forgetting something behind them or in the other room.

To make it worse, they are so absent minded that when they go to get the item they forgot, we see that they didn't even bother to wear pants!

It's embarrassing, really.
(2.86 MB 640x360 thot_life.webm)
(803.38 KB 426x240 nickelodeons next show.mp4)
Sucks that 95% of women who put in effort to have that body expect to be paid for it.
car started over heating last sunday, just got it fixed wednesday had to take two days off after an extended weekend, after taking the previous friday off for being hung over. Send me your scraps of chi bros so I might not get written up.
(2.53 MB 480x272 mysubconsciousandme.webm)
(13.63 MB 640x360 When you hit dad back.mp4)
(10.99 MB 720x1280 hs-girl-fight.mp4)
I would have been married a long time ago.
same. now I'm too entrenched in my ways to change for anybody
I need subtitles for these.
It's the most beautiful kind of english
I want to get drunk in Scotland
(4.34 MB 640x480 The drunk Scotsman.webm)
I sort of assume their always drunk and that's why they talk in that manner.
(5.08 MB 540x960 Jump Up Superstar.mp4)
This is relevant to a number of my interests.
that was bad. let me show you perfection
(7.93 MB 234x242 MAI-Z_-_GENTLEMAN.mp4)
(271.68 KB 640x272 Father.mp4)
(1.06 MB 358x276 The_Joker.mp4)
I got you fam. Joker footage leaked.
(13.33 MB 640x360 Top 10 Jokers.mp4)
shout out to #finalchan for allowing this amazing file load size. After all the nerdsplerging about webm these cookie cutter websites are compressing mp4 are lot smaller on average for standard definition and up. if the source is grainy damaged vhs conversion quality then webm gets it beat on file size.
smallest web. same fag.
(5.27 MB 640x480 Dee Doubleyoo.mp4)
You got me with the WatchMojo
(1.16 MB 288x358 90475156_default.mp4)
Oh yeah.
It got me too, TV can't compete with these small time youtubers. Thanks for the member-berries.
(413.09 KB 640x360 egg.mp4)

socializing is hell. but i have to do it.
I want to go back home ;-;
(778.05 KB 270x360 Batman.webm)
Did you know today is Batman day?
Looks like batman's dead if you ask me.
(112.57 KB 237x421 Batman_DC_Comics.png)
80 years old is a pretty good run.

>First appearance Detective Comics #27
(cover date May 1939 /
release date March 1939)
looks shopped
(9.12 KB 261x177 rtrarc.jpg)
"What's that Jack? Why is my nose bleeding?
Well, you see. I fell down"
-Rockso The Rock and Roll Clown
Mod Edit: Do not click this link. I am leaving it here so you can recognize the domain xco.kr in the future.

Banned for link meant to capture users information. Impersonating another site.
Edited last time by torrential on 10/05/2019 (Sat) 13:27:46.
(2.80 MB 320x240 Put the Boots To Him.mp4)
Ty real mods
(8.73 MB 1280x720 jojomusic.mp4)
This is stupid.
(84.50 KB 701x438 standandpool.jpg)
It was actually a great representation of the mundane acts we put up in our daily lives
(2.02 MB 1440x1080 Mickey Mouse.webm)
A striking commentary on society as a whole, if I do say so myself.
(45.26 KB 500x500 fat.jpg)
with the state of modern women Minnie should have been the one that was overweight
I agree that the modern Mickey cartoons make weird creative decisions with the character that was once the face of the company.
(1.22 MB 640x360 superliminalattacks.webm)
that whole subliminal "everything your parents like is bad" shtick


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