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(3.56 MB 4032x3024 table.jpg)
unity 09/29/2019 (Sun) 17:41:31 No. 11832
How many video games is this?
(693.16 KB 1920x1080 serveimage.jpeg)
Turn it into digital monies and then buy everything on Humble Bundle, GoG, or a steam Sale. Never have to buy another video game for the rest of your life.

Or you could buy, like, 6 Fortnite skins.
You could buy 30 Nintendo Switches and give one to dude1 so he can finally say he has one
I could buy more than 120 video games with this. But I'd rather buy drugs.
Depends on season passes.
I think you have your priorities backwards. I sold the drugs to get the money.
Too much work. I'd rather get a paycheck for sitting around doing nothing.
(269.50 KB 465x970 0312084kristen4.jpg)
Politicians that get busted with hookers are usually paying $3000 an hour. So you could get a pretty prostitute that looks like a girl mom would like.
My mom probably would like this girl because she is also a spoiled cunt.
Rude. That girl works very hard for her money. You might think she just lays on her back, but she has to stay fit to get those rates.

Your words have power and can hurt. Please think about their actions.
(1.37 MB 512x384 laughtter3.webm)
$60 for a modern console game at retail
around 48.3 vidya before sales tax
Who is wasting the money on retail mainstream games? Not a single one is any good.
(80.79 KB 800x450 astral-chain-cats.jpg)
Astral Chain is pretty legit.
Looks fucking dumb but if it is as good as you say, won't it still be just as good when the price drops to around $20?
it's a switch exclusive those don't really go down

doesn't really matter who is or isn't buying them. that's just the closest thing to a standard vidya gaem price there is. you could like the one guy said get a few hundred games if you buy selectively during sales or a good humble bundle, if they even still do good ones I haven't bought one in many years at this point but back in the day you could get like 10-15 games sometimes for like $4.50. Sometimes I wanted one game in the bundle but it was literally the cheapest way to acquire it other than pirating obviously.
HumbleBundle sorta went to shit after it was purchased by IGN. Now they really push for that monthly membership. At least there is still GoG and itch.io (if you like indie games).

I know nothing about the Epic store, but it seems to be the same as Steam.
I haven't looked into epic at all but pretty much they want to cut into Steam by paying for exclusivity to their platform which as far as I know steam has never done, probably because they never had to.
It might work considering I think that's how you play fortnite on pc so it at least has users on their client.
(609.36 KB 250x172 2e917EKnG1qib9oao1_250.gif)
good dub post


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