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unity 11/29/2019 (Fri) 03:00:46 No. 12004
Happy Thanksgiving, Finalmericans.

How was yours?
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Mine was pretty legit. Spent it with the family and ate way more food than anyone should in a day.
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Excellent. My cousin is a meat wizard. He made two turkeys: one fried and one smoked. I'd never had fried turkey before. 10/10 would have again. They're good people, too, so that's a plus.
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I've had fried turkey care of state/county fairs. Never had smoked though.

Store bought cranberry sauce has leveled up from my child hood. My dad bought a tub of (((organic))) cranberry sauce and the chunky texture with cranberry skins still in it added a nice acidity to the meal. I might try to make it from scratch next year, my own little contribution.
We've been doing a fried turkey for about 5 years now. So moist.

Then we wait until about 45 minutes after the sales at the stores start, go to Walmart, and laugh at people.
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We had 25 people over, made 2 turkeys, one deep fried and one oven, smoked a brisket and made 10 lbs of stuffing.

We had no leftovers.
Oh and a lasagna and 6 pies
I can't a lasagna for Thanksgiving, that's a springtime meal.
hands down best side year after year is the green bean casserole.
Let me get that recipe. What is going on with that casserole? Looks fantastic.
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(86.39 KB 1500x1004 thanksgiving-high.jpg)
(331.56 KB 1269x753 daystillsatisfaction.jpg)
food tastes so bland after Thanksgiving. Christmas helps but it's not the same...
All those turkey sandwiches after thanksgiving get a little old. Eventually you just have to eat a hamburger.
What happened to meguca/pol? It seems like every pol board is dead now
(67.60 KB 457x493 wizardwear6.jpg)
The perfect tang of cranberry sauce that pairs the absolute best with turkey meat cut from a full cooked turkey added with the plethora of savory vegetable side dishes trumps my tri weekly hamburgers
Is that a woman under there? If not, that dude needs to walk to the end of the street a time or two just to have minimal muscle in his legs.


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