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(82.30 KB 1218x769 XQitLmTB8KPPPRNQXJ72nA.jpg)
Sonic Movie! Anonymous 02/13/2020 (Thu) 21:42:35 No. 12278
You guys hyped?

Already got my tickets.
I would have been super hyped if it had come out when I was a kid.
Now I just hate Hollywood and avoid movie theaters.
I would have been more interested if it wasn't a "character transported from their world into the real world" movie.

Though I think Jim Carrey was a good idea. People will show up just to see if he still has it, since he's been mostly an embarrassment while waiting for work.
Just saw a thing that said this movie wrecked Birds of Prey at the box office.

Also that it had the highest opening of any video game movie, including Detective Pikachu.

That's pretty big. The Sonic fanbase is nuts.
Pretty much this. I haven't been to a movie since the train wreck that was Star Wars VII. Honestly I shouldn't have seen that either, but I went with friends. Nothing good comes out anymore anyway. At least nothing worth how expensive it is to go to the movies.
just finished buying another ticket, time to see it again!
(535.34 KB 384x384 klcumaaa.webm)
I know that I'll be doing in the dark watching this movie
(53.16 KB 267x200 shock1-300x224.jpg)
Imagine the amount of money spent to make that joke.
(851.21 KB 460x344 kc011a.webm)


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