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Anonymous 03/04/2020 (Wed) 03:34:53 No. 12989
Has anyone tried GameHub?

I just learned about it, and decided to give it a try. It's a game management tool that's pulls in your library from across Steam, GOG, Humble, and Itch.io

So far so good. It's supposed to have WINE and Proton compatibility layers. I have very few Windows games to test that on though.
(448.69 KB 1108x773 Screenshot-1.png)

Looks a lot better with one of the other theme options. Also, as soon as you press button on the controller, you can navigate the menu with it (see screenshot for referencec).

GOG games in Linux will download, extract, and attempt to install. If the game doesn't come with a system installer, you can link it to the binary/script to launch the game from the client.
what makes it better than lutris?
It's a lot easier than Lutris. You simply log into your accounts and your library is available.

Lutris takes a lot of fiddling. Linking downloaded games to the library, trying to log into accounts is hit-or-miss, and takes a lot more technical know how to get it working. Gamehub was simple. Install client, log into accounts. That's it.
I just put shortcuts to games in my start menu. That's my game hub.
(611.42 KB 310x1026 managed.png)
I even have you beat
That's where I put all the images I drag off my browser.


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