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Anonymous 08/16/2020 (Sun) 19:52:06 No. 14003
Have you guys learned anything new this lonely summer?

Pic related. It's mine.
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(414.73 KB 2800x5628 code.png)
I had a dope-ass reply but accidentally closed the tab and now I'm pissed off.

I learned how to extract data from binary files and in my case, extract files from the UIGraphics.far file from The Sims 1.

The basic idea is to search the file for known file headers and extract that data. Since I know The Sims 1 uses .bmps I search for bmp file headers and when I do, I extract it. This is the file format for bmps which you need to read to do this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMP_file_format

There are more file formats than bmps in there and I'm working on them. The code I have feels pretty hacky, maybe I'll clean it up sometime.
I picked up a book with 400 writing prompts so that I can spend time sitting in a park, or on a lake, and get lost in a world of my creation.


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