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(461.43 KB 1920x1080 turkeywall.jpg)
Anonymous 11/02/2020 (Mon) 15:44:30 No. 14563
Fall is in full swing. The autumn air brings a crisp chill. The way November eases us into winter brings a smile to my face.

Just imagine, your turkey is probably being slaughtered right now.
(1.61 MB 720x1280 reality.mp4)
Remember, when sitting across from your family, reminiscing about fun memories and telling jokes, that they probably weren't real.
(890.61 KB 800x873 Thanksgiving-Turkey-Clipart-1.png)
According to Trudeau, Thanksgiving is canceled!
Mmm... house smells of fresh bread. It is currently in the oven baking. My taste buds are tingling.
(111.40 KB 2000x1000 o-CTHUKEN-facebook.jpg)
dinner's ready
(134.00 KB 895x1200 JoeCool.jpg)
As we all enjoy a bountiful harvest, remember to take care of your digestion!
I don't think it's proper to smoke anything other than American tobacco at Thanksgiving. Everyone in my family has learned to smoke normally around 12 or 13 when we first let them. There is one nephew of mine that doesn't really care for smoking but will smoke when we are together. Then you got my sick niece who smokes marijuana out of a water pipe who has issues. She's been in jail for almost two years now rightly because of narcotic marijuana offenses. I hope one day she learns. Tobbaco goes excellent with meals and I hope y'all have a nice dinner.
I don't agree with either one, but it is done in my family. I don't want this stuff around my kids or anyone else's kids. I have read this is a non-issue because parents would rather have their kids near smoke than not around them. That to me is completely out of touch with reality. If you put me in the position of being a parent, where my children were going to be around marijuana smoke, I would be in jail.