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Election nightmare scenario Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 17:14:16 No. 14701
Imagine if Trump is able to prove voter fraud in one state, but not in others. He gets say PA to flip, but is unable to prove anything in other states, and still loses the election. You would never hear the end of it, and I think it would tear our country apart. Like if Trumps concerns were actually validated, the American democracy was proven to be a sham, but it didn't actually result in justice, I think that could actually push the country to civil war or collapse. Free and fair elections are a cornerstone of this countries system, and a shakey American house with no foundation could crumble.

I have watched large scale voter fraud in multiple elections. A few people get arrested, the rest get let go, and nothing happens.

I remember when Michigan's votes were so out of whack that they CANCELED the recount and admitted that there was too much to try and sort through.

I will be surprised if anything happens. Admittedly Trump is probably the first who might try to bring these things to light, but the past has made me quite apathetic.
BS. Not even an entire political party's worth of lawyers has been able to prove systemic wide spread fraud. It was never in any the email leaks, nobody has ever produced proof.
Your statement would require thinking there is more than one political party in the USA.