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Mirai Akari James 11/26/2020 (Thu) 16:07:31 No. 14729
So for all that keep in touch with virtual youtubers, what is the status of Mirai Akari? Is she still popular? I met her twice a few years back and she seems like a nice young girl. Seemed full of life but quirky at times. Just wonder how she has been since it's been awhile. Hope she is doing alright still. TIA!
Last I heard she was murdered. Life in the big city can be dangerous.
No way. I would have heard something if that was the case.
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Oh yeah!
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>>14830 >>14831 >>14832 No spamming plocks.
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Geeze let her take her bottom off first.
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>>14834 sorry
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>>14893 more
>>14920 I see that Satsuki figure wearing Junketsu. Tsk tsk. That was meant for her wedding day. I assume there is a Ryuko equivalent?
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(347.55 KB 2048x1536 1608923632406.jpg)
>>14921 i forget