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Free Speech Platform Anonymous 12/15/2020 (Tue) 07:36:48 No. 14841
Since Discord, Youtube, Facebook, Telegram etc Is getting censored. It'st essential to get the word out about new platforms allowing our presence and channels to communicate. Please bump this thread. Personally i run a community on this new platform that is dedicated to indexing the deepest surppressed knowledge, Science, "Conspiracy", Extra Terrestial evidence, Archeological findings, etc - there is a large amount of articles written in each category by us/me. guilded.gg/i/Y2VL9qgp
I would look at decentralized solutions. Something along the line of Briar. A software that allows communication over WiFi, Bluetooth, and the Internet. Not specifically recommending Briar, it's just something I've been looking into (to replace Telegram). Decentralization is the only way anyone is ever going to be able to bypass censorship.
The elites are rapidly closing all the doors. The government will soon pack the courts to get any answer they want from judges. The government will ban anonymous debit cards and burner phones. Guns, cash, Bitcoin, gold, and silver will be banned. You will need to give the state your fingerprints, DNA sample, photo, and vaccine passport to use the Internet. The Internet will later be shut off.
>>15760 What kind of magic do these coins possess?
>>15625 you're STILL posting here lmao?
>>14842 >I would look at decentralized solutions. The "decentralized" solution that nobody has considered: decentralizing the userbase! You don't need a platform if you build direct relationships with individual anons. Get OFF platforms, including chans, and connect through webmail & encrypted chat. Bond over whatever the fuck you're interested in. That DOESN'T mean bonding over your appreciation of the redpill since that's basically a given. Connect through your shared interest in movies, books, urban exploration, starting a business together, whatever. Build from there and grow your informal network. It's a low-tech, poor man's method of creating a truly free speech "platform" that government can't get it's fingers on.
>>15815 >It's a low-tech, poor man's method of creating a truly free speech "platform" that government can't get it's fingers on. You just invented friendship. This is the best method for sharing ideas and bonds though. Ideas are easier to explore and discuss in person as opposed to the internet. It's less likely someone reverts to argument solely on emotions when weighing pros and cons in person. I enjoy exploring topics with people.
>>14841 >telegram >getting censored works on my machine. also why are you shilling. also I'm not using your IP grabber.