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(6.65 MB 4640x3472 IMG_20210316_225145.jpg)
Love is in the Air Anonymous 03/21/2021 (Sun) 23:22:52 No. 15324
hey #finalchan on irc.finalchan.net It's spring time, and I decided to try out something new. Starting vegetables from seed. Look at the motherfucking sprouts. They are only a day old.
(9.16 MB 4640x3472 Day2.jpg)
Day 2. These things are going nuts.
Whatcha growing?
>>15337 In the photo we have... Watermelon, Persian Melon, White Tomatoes, Kale, Eggplant, Dar Cucumbers and Bellpeppers.
Thats awesome, Im the president of the Garden Club At my university, were just starting to kick things off
(36.09 KB 336x448 wicking.jpg)
>>15341 I'm going to attempt self wicking stock tanks this year. Have you guys tried anything like this before? I assume the university has greenhouses and a community garden?
(9.06 MB 4640x3472 Day3.jpg)
I missed a day of updates, but took a picture, so here is Day 3. I'm amazed by how fast these things are germinating. Hopefully they will survive being transplanted and my first seedlings will be as success.
>>15344 Look at em grow!
(661.03 KB 640x478 1.jpg)
(621.13 KB 640x478 2.jpg)
(493.73 KB 640x478 3.jpg)
UPDATES! UPDATES! UPDATES! These are from a couple of weeks ago. I'll get more images up soon to show progress. Expect to see me on your street corner selling fruits and vegetables in the coming weeks! Please tip. Organic, heirloom, pesticide free food for your family.
>>15434 What's your dirt cake recipe?
>>15434 >>15434 Hi, I'm from the FDA. You weren't planning on profiting off your personal hard work. Were you?
(91.18 KB 614x331 family.png)
>>15435 The seedlings were just in peat moss with liquid fertilizer to start the germination process. .05 Nitrogen - 0 Phosphate - 0 Potash When they got to cups, it was a combination of moss, mushroom compost, dirt, and manure. This kept the Nitrogen levels high, promoting growth. One they get transferred to their home, I'll continue a high nitrogen fertilizer to promote healthy (and fast) growth. I will then switch to a low nitrogen and high phosphate fertilizer when the plants are ready to fruit. Nitrogen = Growth. Phosphate = Fruit. >>15436 Officer, these are only for my families use. I have a large extended family. Sometimes we like to give each other gifts. It's only a coincidence that they are gifting me money at the same time I am gifting them food. Allow me to introduce you to my Finalchan family. See attached family portrait.
(1.87 MB 1280x957 5.jpg)
(2.03 MB 1280x957 6.jpg)
Here we are. They went from the cups to the stock tanks.
(651.01 KB 640x478 7.jpg)
(674.48 KB 640x478 8.jpg)
(639.65 KB 640x478 9.jpg)
Most recent update. Living their best life.
(664.15 KB 640x478 10.jpg)
>>15469 Finalchan only allows 3 images at a time. Here is the last tank.
(100.25 KB 630x350 brassicas-snow-header.jpg)
OP here, the crops are all gone. I don't know if I can go on...
>>15471 That appears to be chard and kale. Both winter time greens. I think you will be alright.
>>15471 You should have grown them inside that greenhouse.
A tale of triumph and misery
(2.30 MB 3024x4032 20210520_182916C.jpg)
Go, snaily, go!
>>15612 That snail is moving fast! Look at the motion blur!
# Update The winter *did not kill the crops*. So far we have enjoyed many cucumbers. Currently have 3 watermelons growing, and a bunch of Tomatoes. The Persian melons are also growing. Have about 5 of them so far, with many more blooms. The kale has been destroyed by caterpillars. Fucking moths. The eggplants are currently blooming. Waiting for the flowers to turn into fruit. # Update Complete
>>15773 Hoorayyy