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(27.98 KB 300x300 Moon Rock Weed.jpg)
Is it okay to buy moon rock weed online without a card? Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 11:18:32 No. 15389
Hello Guys! while surfing the web, I somehow stumbled upon an ad that says buy moon rock weed online without a script, curious, I clicked on the ad and i was redirected to https://www.redwonderland.com/product/buy-moon-rock-weed-online/ and OMG they don't just sell moon rock weed, I found out you can buy other weed strains like Blue dream, Gelato Marijuana Strain, Sour Diesel, Girls Scout Cookies, Jack Herer weed strain and much more. Please I'm not in anyway trying to advertise the website https://www.redwonderland.com, I am just surprise that there are websites on the surface web that sells Weed strains like Moon rock to people even without a script? I will need some advise with this, I really want to smoke moon rock, it's been long! plus the price these guys are selling is amazing. Before i try to buy moon rock weed online from Redwonderland.com, please what's your say on this?
my suggetions are - i want to get some marijuana from redwonderland.com. i'm already on the website, so it's a done deal, now i'm trying to buy it! - if i buy weed from redwonderland.com, will they ship to Canada? what address should i send it to? thanks! carolina anderson cafe del nord #7 #217 Surrey, British Columbia, Canada ______ ___ Dear Carolina, I would like to tell you, that you are very close to the truth, but you should know, that it is a very
>>15389 >buying weed online Go to a weed store. It isn't legal anyplace within driving distance from you?
Also, this website looks like a huge sham.
>>15395 But, trust me, it isn’t. It is a very well-organized system that is run by folks who are serious about the planet and the people who inhabit it. They are dedicated, patient, and incredibly knowledgeable about climate change and its connections to human behavior and systems of oppression. At Climate Justice Action and Outreach, we know that people power is the solution to climate change. And we know that people power cannot come from someone who lives on the west coast or on a distant island.
>>15393 I don't understand why you would need javascript to buy weed?
>>15398 I don't understand why you would put a question mark at the end of a sentence.
>>15399 Like: "I love you" "I'm sorry" I don't understand why you would ever do that. You say I love you, then you follow it up with a question mark. You could very well mean the two sentences above. Or something else. A lot of this might be a learning curve that I'm just not there with yet. Or maybe I'm right, but they just don't teach you this kind of thing in school. Either way, I'll work on it. I promise. You've been on the go a lot lately. Going to appointments. Going back to the
>>15407 The only time it's appropriate to say "I love you?" with a question mark is in response to the statement "you love me." As in, "I love you? Sorry, I wasn't aware."
>>15408 4. "Do I look fat in this dress?" While perhaps OK in a healthy relationship, asking "do I look fat in this dress?" at every possible turn just makes you look more pathetic. 5. "That's hot" What you just said: "That's hot" What I hear: "You're hot." 6. "How about a hug?" Unless there's an extraordinary reason, why would you want to receive a hug? Just say "I like hugs." 7. "I would never cheat on you" Yes, you would. You're incapable of stopping yourself. 8. "Where is my drink?" It's
>>15408 >"Why are you putting your penis in my arsehole?" >"Because I love you?" This one works. Try it out.
>>15396 yeaaah this sounds like an ad
(11.83 KB 254x194 try.jfif)
>>15558 Did you try it ?
>>15558 for benadryl Reply Thread Link It's an odd choice of weird. Reply Parent Thread Link yas Reply Parent Thread Link WHAT HOW WOULD YOU TELL ME WHO'S GIRLFRIEND IS??? Reply Thread Link i want to watch it, please, but not at 7am tomorrow. lol Reply Thread Link He looks cute in the video. It's funny. Reply Thread Link i've been watching gifs for the past 10 minutes like "who's gf is this guy dating?!" Reply Thread Link I was expecting a woman. I'm not down to date a dirty, and