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Anonymous 04/28/2021 (Wed) 11:21:25 No. 15488
do we exist just to suffer?
(42.72 KB 500x354 Face book (8).jpg)
>>15488 I exist for experiences and knowledge. The outdoors and production. Satisfaction of creating with my hands, whether it's furniture, food, or construction. I exist to see the wonders of the world. To awe at the magnificent Redwood or to be intrigued by intricate details in a fire ant mound. Partnership is amazing. Being able to make someone smile, and have them support you through the difficult times creates an amazing bond. Any challenge can by overcome when someone is in your corner. The brush of your partners hand is enough to energize the soul, to feed those desires to succeed and rejuvenate the desire to do better, to bet better. Sharing those special moments in life invigorates the need to see another moment together. A favorite song that resonates to the core of my soul, motivating the completion of another day. The chance to connect with another person through their poetry, their paintings, their art. A stranger whose life I am able to have a momentary understanding, without ever meeting them. The feeling of dried bark under my fingertips, and contrasting it to the feeling of smooth satin. Being able to transcend the dredges of mortality through sights, smells, and touch. That's why I exist. You? Probably exist just to suffer.
(230.35 KB 800x534 2011-08-30_04-45-08.jpg)
Maybe you do. I'm having a great time!
most people in the world aren't happy, even if they're not exactly truly depressed
>>15555 checked