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(157.61 KB 1280x1279 photo_2021-07-11_12-59-15.jpg)
🍌 NanoDOGE πŸ• 3000+ TG Community | Backed by Dan Fogler | Pre-Sale Happening Soon! NanoDOGE 07/11/2021 (Sun) 08:00:26 No. 15830
πŸ• The smallest Doge with the biggest vision. NanoDOGE is aiming to be the biggest meme token in the BSC space, with a serious mission. 🍌 NanoDOGE employs an automatic buy-back function and reflection to all holders, but that's not even it's main use case! Over 3000+ TG members, this token seems like it’s ready to blow up with its lined up partnerships and hype building up! πŸš€ Roadmap looks absolutely stacked and it's a fairly experienced team. Some things to look forward to include marketing promotions, airdrop giveaways, shilling competitions, the development of a NanoDOGE app and a whitelisting presale platform (this is looking really promising as it’s super hard to set up a trusted whitelisted presale these days). πŸ”₯ Presale is starting next week, still a chance to win spots in the private round. πŸ”₯ Hype competition with massive prizes πŸ”₯ Automatic buy-back & static rewards built-in πŸ”₯ Partnership with Dan Fogler & NANO team to be announced! πŸ”₯ CMC will be fast-tracked for a 1st day listing. Yup, first 24hrs. πŸ”₯ Deals with mainstream crypto influencers & blockchain pundits already under negotiation. πŸ›Tokenomics To buy: - 6% automatic buy-back - 4% redistribution - 4% development + marketing To sell: - 7% automatic buy-back - 7% redistribution - 4% development + marketing πŸ’» Social Media Telegram: https://t.me/NanoDOGEToken Website: https://NanoDoge.io Twitter: https://twitter.com/NanoDoge
Looks very promising!! Will definitely ape in! 😍
NANO DOGGER $5 coin is an instant buy for any current doggo enthusiast. Now go have a blast. StrikeTheCoin (STC) STC has seen a significant spike in the last few days. Follow the exponential rise in your noggin. STC has officially become the reserve currency of the doggo community. To drive the community’s adoption of the coin, STC will be the first coin to let you earn your NANO DOGGER coins by being a furry. More details to come! STCR ICO has officially launched! From STC Token holders only
Weird spam, but I would like to make the suggestion that you store your money in Gold or Silver. It's recognized as money across the entire planet.
>>15835 Silver rounds also come in all kinds of designs. Plus it's shiny!