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unidentifiedsfm's latest Vault Girls Episodes Anonymous 08/16/2021 (Mon) 12:26:30 No. 15963
Vault Girls Episodes 54 & 55 and now, Episode 56 have been leaked and successful uploaded onto the net and like to know if anyone here knows where (what site) I might find them? thanks
Never heard of it. Please provide a synopsis.
>>15965 Vault Girls Has Quickly Reached Top Spot On Steam, Way Above The Original If you haven’t played Vault Boy: The Gentleman Thief yet then, uh, where have you been? Now that the name’s been changed to Vault Girl: The Prodigy, its on Steam for everyone and the Early Access has come to an end, this top indie is showing no sign of slowing down. If you’re wondering where its community is, well, the latest Steam Charts have been released and it’s nowhere to be seen. Huh. Is this because all the Steam Charts are dominated by big-name games? Don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s not because of the quality of Vault Girl (it’s also popular with the audience Steam players). According to the folks over at PCGamer, it’s a glitch that has sent it straight to number one. According to Steam Charts, the update that sent Vault Girl to the top was in fact intended to make an internal list of the ‘biggest stories on the Steam store.’ Yes, the top chart is an opinion based chart and yes, it has a huge error. We’re not sure if there’s an alternate version, but we certainly wish it would have fixed this. Sure, there’s plenty of games on the Steam charts that were likely top sellers, but none of them have made it to number one in terms of number of concurrent players. And yet, Vault Girl has, beating out Diablo III and Ubisoft’s annual Army of Two shooter. How does that happen? Well, it appears that it’s actually the top game on the charts and it’s just happened to switch places with another game because of its popularity. To see the top ten games in the Steam store right now, check out the Steam Charts here. [Source: Kotaku]
there are now 59 episodes and if anyone can find any of them please let me know thanks
any episodes from 54 on up that is forgot to mention that bit thanks
>>16076 I looked for about 5 minutes. Couldn't find anything. If you are successfully, return and report your findings.
>>16090 huh. ok. I was a bit disappointed. For some reason was expecting a story line to go along with the porn. Not just a collection of SFM videos.
There is actually a storyline if you are able to get a hold of the entire series.
>>16093 >There is actually a storyline if you are able to get a hold of the entire series. well that's the whole point of this thread is to hopefully for someone to find the entire series there's like 60 episodes of it now
>>16277 They aren't very good at marketing themselves if you have to go to 60 different websites to get one episode each.
>>16278 no, it's 60 episodes of the vault girls series not websites, where on earth did you even get that it was websites here?
>>16279 Please tell me the website I can go to and get the 60 episodes. Come back when you discover that each website has 1 episode each.