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Anonymous 09/10/2021 (Fri) 21:21:42 No. 16018
Fellow frens, I ask we come together this day, and in the days following, as a sign of civil disobedience and patriotism we initiate a worldwide bank run. The three keys to power are as follows: Money, Military, and the People. We have the People on our side, there is no question about that, however the Serpents are going to try and squeeze us with the remaining two. September 20th, we eliminate another tool of those who wish to enslave us. This is God’s army, we will flip the table of the money changers, and we will be victorious.
I got $3.50 in my bank account. Can I still participate?
>>16019 If you can afford to go to $2.50 your efforts will be rewarded. So long as we can get enough motion behind this, and we all actually show up on that fateful Monday, This one act will show the world just how powerful we all are.
What? Bank runs are nearly impossible these days. The banks are all protected from such situations, and the money is so fractional you would have to find a way to pull money out of bank investments. It's not like the 1940's where you money was tied up in your neighbors house. If you are going to pull cash so that you can still operate when they try to force a cashless system, that's a different story. Though in that situation it would make more sense to put your dollars into other values, like silver, gold, or bitcoin (though that seems dangerous). Just holding onto cash is a bad idea because of how fast it depreciates. In other words, you guys are morons if you think holding onto cash is going to do anything to the elite/banks/whatever.
>>16021 Just withdraw as much as One can afford, we can put it back when we're done. No harm, no foul. as we saw with AMC, the zeitgeist can control the market. A market scare now will either cripple our dear NWO leaders, or force their hands into introducing their globohomo currency
>>16022 I guess it doesn't hurt to try. I hope people that use Credit Unions understand that this is probably a bad idea for them to participate in.