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-2020-12-09=Log In Confirmed….Negative oswaldsrevenge63 01/02/2022 (Sun) 23:29:18 No. 16177
-2020-12-09=Log In Confirmed….Negative -2020-12-10=Log In Confirmed….Negative -2020-12-11=Log In Confirmed….Negative -2020-12-12=Log In Confirmed….Negative, Snail sniffer programmed auto initiated…..Confirmed
(42.27 KB 187x250 idec111912.png)
-2020-12-13=”Hot Property” Deadman switch auto initiated. Milnet, FBInet, CIAnet, NSAnet, Xnet, sniffer programs initiated
(87.02 KB 672x938 Aurora-Phoenix-CMR-672.jpg)
-2020-12-15=”Operation Aurora Phoenix” auto initiated. Search results as follows>>>>> -Combined FBI HRT/CIA Special Operations Team carried out “Operation Mole Hunt” decapitation raid 2020-12-09 0300hrs. Results as follows>>>> -(KIA)Q1=Codename Hot Property, Senior Officer in the Pentagon, killed in action, body location unknown -(KIA)Q2=Codename Moltke, White House Staffer, killed in action, body location unknown, possible clone replacement -(Detained)Q3=Codename Foxboro, Senior Level FBI Agent, indefinite detention, Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti(11.541777987148233, 43.16645439197113) -(Detained)Q4=Codename Gold Eagle, Senior Level CIA Agent, indefinite detention, Diego Garcia (-7.411685997543057, 72.45231777383874) -(KIA)Q5=Codename J-Mac, DIA Agent, killed in action, body location unknown -(Detained)Q6=Codename Bloodseed, NSA Employee, indefinite detention,Camp Bondsteel(42.36056291287222, 21.253749725477643) -(Detained)Q7=Codename Mega, Secret Service Agent, indefinite detention, Temara interrogation center, Morocco(33.9345, -6.863883) -(Detained)Q8=Codename Reindeer, Senior Level State Dept Employee, indefinite detention, Sembach Kaserne, Sembach, Germany, (49.527987420870055, 7.866246060181635) -(KIA)Q9=Codename Waikiki, Army Intel Officer, killed in action, body location unknown -(Detained)Q10=Codename Skymaster, Air Force Intel Officer, indefinite detention, Army Regional Confinement Facility, Camp Humphreys, USFK, South Korea(36.98323107149138, 126.98759598655717) -(Detained)Q11=Codename Anatolia, Naval Intel Officer, indefinite detention,Naval Brig Yokosuka, U.S. Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan(35.29184661545282, 139.66969276238876) -(KIA)Q12=Codename El Dorado, Marine Intel Officer, killed in action, body location unknown -Q13=Codename Aurora(The Hub Communications officer), Status=Currently on the move and untraceable, location unknown Nothing follows>>>END
(10.48 KB 259x194 download.jfif)
-2020-12-27=Snail sniffer programs indicate arrests warrants issued in FISA court#3, DC. Names and “Locations of Q1-Q12 discovered through testimony of turned informants #A1847834 and #A1847835 revealing location IP addresses and device info to FBI/DOJ during interrogations. Informants revealed info in plea deal to avoid prosecution according to plea agreement DOJ#AGP9482. Informants revealed to be Ronald Arthur Watkins aka CodemonkeyZ at an interview in Sapporo, Japan 2020-10-30. Additional ID info provided by James Arthur Watkins aka Xerxes Watkins in Sacramento SAC office to agents Kirkens and Dollar approx 2020-10-30. Both informants determined and confessed to be working with Russian and Chinese Intel under Operation Chaos. As part of plea deal both Watkins continue to serve as data/IP informants for the FBI.” 8kun compromised. All comms to alt chans.Nothing Follows>>>END
(40.77 KB 640x480 oswald.jpg)
-2021-06-15=Q13, Codename Aurora logs into secure Deadman Switch email system. Auto email feed for Operation Aurora Phoenix ReInitiated. Start 1, Start 2, Run 3, Initiate 4 Message follows “Who is Q? Q is You! How many Q’s are there? Too many Q’s to count Each Q is unique The real question is Who are you? Anyone can have Q Access Access your inner This is the story of You Not Q” Nothing Follows>>>END
(90.35 KB 819x1024 decQIihFx1.jpeg)
All of this looks like a very intense war game, but I have no idea how to play.
(4.83 KB 1200x600 Flag_of_Honduras.svg.png)
-2021-8-16=Q13=Codename Aurora captured and executed in FBI/CIA raid in Honduras. Secure log info passed to Q15=Codename Oswalds Revenge for reposting. Auto posting program initiated 2022-01-01. Stand by Nothing follows>>>END
2022-01-07=Operation DTT initiated for erasure of traitors to QTeam. All possible means possible and Q Patriots enlisted for assistance. Target locations are as follows>>>> –James Arthur Watkins, white male approx 59, Geo Coordinate 38.564902277625166, -121.73042713970304 –Ronald Arthur Watkins, asian male approx 35, Geo Coordinate 33.512668428330464, -112.01613604506048. Erase with extreme prejudice Nothing follows>>>END
(356.54 KB 1200x900 48-Where's-Wally-WALKER-BOOKS.jpg)
https://irp.fas.org/doddir/army/fm34-8-2.pdf What is G2??What is S2?? What was/is ODESSA? What's going on here 9.563898012266925, 8.476296333017324? What's happened here 32.901911226277804, -82.02360027114496? What are they up to here 33.74916902678219, -117.86841403593506?