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Anonymous 09/23/2018 (Sun) 11:20:55 No. 9710
Only people 30+ yo should be allowed to vote. Discuss.

That's the only people who do vote. Seems silly to make it a rule. There are a lot of 20yr Olds that talk about voting, and who they would vote for, but they rarely ever drive across town, stand in line for an hour, and actually vote.

So, really, you already have that.
>only the demographic I belong to should be able to vote
>the people who will die in war for politicians shouldnt be able to choose those politicians.
Boomer army when?
This anon raises a good point. We should just make the military have a "must be 30 years old to ride this ride" sign.
Also, you shouldn't be able to vote without a college degree.
You must also be a 12th generation native.
Follow Starship Troopers rules.
Only people 18-50 should be allowed to vote. If youre satsically going to be dead soon, you shouldnt get a say in waht everyone else has to live with.
(83.00 KB 1280x720 asap-rocky-old-people.jpg)
Yeah. We should restrict the people with the most experience from voting. That way we can keep trying the same stupid young people shit over and over again.
You should get one vote when you graduate from high school, and that's the only one for your entire life.
Nobody should be allowed to vote because democracies are tyrannical. Everyone likes to talk about how the Greeks had democracy for a while, but they all forget that the only philosophers who were any good from Greece all hated democracy.
Uhh guys, what if you merely had to be 18 and have a GED, and only natural born citizens could vote. This will drastically reduce illegal immigrant fraud votes is heavily urbanized areas and blue states. GED requirement will eliminate most niggers from voting also. Also make it cost $5 to vote. No nigger will pay $5 to vote more than once.


*in, sorry
You can't charge someone to exercise a right. Same with the GED portion. Henry Ford didn't graduate high school, but he employed many people and improved the lives of the American people, shouldn't he have the opportunity to cast a vote?


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