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Mega Milk 04/28/2018 (Sat) 21:48:11 No. 891 [Reply] [Last]
Greetings from Mewch, finalchan!
I come here to tell you that the cp spammer using our name and the domain ending in .cf is not us. It is simply using our name to share cp.

With love from your fellow comfy sister site.
Yeah, we noticed that, but quickly realized it wasn't actually you guys. You're fine.
Fucking assholes are annoying man. I'm going to be calling freenom and reporting some domains I've collected over the last weeks.
I suggestion, may want to mark the phrases '.tk', '.cf', '.ml' as spam.
Btw meant the cp spammers are the assholes lol not you guys :^)
How dare you call us assholes. We're through.

Kidding, of course. Thanks for the heads up though, we'll look into this further.
See >>898. We blocked this specific URL in the latest update.

(103.37 KB 1246x632 atoilt.png)
(149.83 KB 1366x768 eteqpv.png)
Small updates! Anonymous 12/10/2015 (Thu) 18:29:55 No. 350 [Reply] [Last]
I'm getting some stuff working. I'm making some of the more statically themed pages (like recent, the frontpage, etc) dynamically themed. Just did it with the frontpage!
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Probably less than an hour new here, but didn't see it in a faq.

you on github scrub? or are you doing all work yourself?
/r/ is for discussion, that'd be a thing for /sp/. People think that /sp/ is only for shitposting, but it's also for things that don't fit in /r/ or the other boards (like roleplaying or other shit).

Finalchan isn't on github, we maintain a mainly vanilla branch with less than 10 patches. There's really no need for us to be on github right now.
Added SSL/HTTPS support.
Thank you so much! Been waiting for this.
* Added more spam filters. Spam should be minimal now until the next wave of new links shows face.

* Fixed double catalog links in some places.

(344.04 KB 640x852 1435031946229.jpg)
Anonymous 08/23/2015 (Sun) 15:22:01 No. 240 [Reply] [Last]
>no https
anyone on the line going to sniff my autism ;_;
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ae mang I feels ya homeboy
Why did this appear so high on /1984/ all of a sudden?
If anyone is wondering

It was bumped with CP. The content got deleted but the thread was bumped.
I remember when Petsu tried to sell her Thinkpad on eBay and advertised it on 8/tech/. The asking price was way too high.

(473.28 KB 1157x700 s04.jpg)
Why not on #Mastodon? cmx.im/@kristina 01/05/2018 (Fri) 13:19:20 No. 882 [Reply] [Last]
Why not on #Mastodon, the federated social network?
Why not on GNU Social, the federated social network not run by faggots?

Anonymous 12/21/2017 (Thu) 16:41:12 No. 881 [Reply] [Last]
This is the final request for the warped individuals who use this board to cease all E-mails to my Email address.

This will be the only warning.

MOD EDIT: We aren't falling for your tricks. We're not going to flood a guys inbox because you pretend to be him. Grow some balls and punch him in the face if you don't like him. NYPA.

(33.67 KB 800x533 pencil.jpg)
Anonymous 01/03/2017 (Tue) 00:05:17 No. 809 [Reply] [Last]
How would you all feel about the idea of creating board avatars, similar to how 4chan has board-tans? Could be sort of fun to get some drawfags from each board to contribute a bit.
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Pls make a rocket waifu
Can rocket fuel melt steel hearts?
(138.08 KB 475x600 rocket.png)
oh no I dropped my image
Half of them would be skeletons
(4.23 KB 529x381 dedchan.png)
this is why this place is best

Anonymous 09/13/2017 (Wed) 00:30:25 No. 873 [Reply] [Last]
Greetings Finalchan
Would you like to do a link exchange with https://mewch.net?
fuck off and die

(2.42 KB 200x200 finalchanlogo.png)
Anonymous 04/14/2015 (Tue) 23:18:41 No. 50 [Reply] [Last]
Finalchan Logo!
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(19.33 KB 512x512 Rocket Flat True Colors.png)
I made one with more "true" colors. I can do it with the rest of them as well.
(220.42 KB 3840x2160 finalchan.png)
(36.94 KB 819x460 FC.png)
I think this one is really cool, but you need to anti-alias it. The jagged edges are irritating
that goes too far and just looks blury
(22.20 KB 1229x692 finalchanwallpaper.png)

Anonymous 04/15/2017 (Sat) 19:53:11 No. 844 [Reply] [Last]
Why is music discussion supposed to be posted on the technology board? I can not come up with a reason for this.
Personally I think it should just go on /r/, since it's not a specific hobby, at least not for most people.

It shouldn't get its own board though, /mu/ has historically been cancerous.

We tried /m/u but the community couldn't keep it going, so it wound up in /t/ech because that's where a lot of the media stuff went. Wallpapers, Music, Videos, Computers, etc.

Just the way it worked out due to condensing the board list.
Pretty much this. We wanted to keep things more segmented, and in the early days there was like 4 music threads on /r/. So we figured since /t/ didn't get much attention, we could just lump most media into that board and hopefully garner it some more attention. Which has mostly failed.

(1002.11 KB 300x300 Nngoe.gif)
Anonymous 03/06/2017 (Mon) 01:05:34 No. 823 [Reply] [Last]
There are two Catalog links at least on Finalchan theme. Also a non-functioning Catalog link on /1984/.
Also also, mobileshit-style timestamp ("X dicks ago") is ghey. I know it's possible to see real date and time on hover, it's still ghey.
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The only good point you made in that entire post was that it forever marks screencaps.
>Convenient doesn't always mean good. For example, memearrowing slowly but steadily erodes one's ability to convey ideas with any measureable degree of complexity in a comprehensible yet succint manner and contributes to emasculation of the language being thus (ab)used.
>he posts obscure words trying to sound smart
>he makes several spelling mistakes
>his sentence is grammatically incorrect

Memearrows rule, you drool
He literally asked why I would use the standard format, not why it would be good for everyone.

>>he posts obscure words trying to sound smart
Wrong. I simply prefer variety.

>>he makes several spelling mistakes

>>his sentence is grammatically incorrect
Inevitable when English is one's third language, I'm afraid. At least I keep trying to improve.
you sound autistic

are you etiv
This, i actually hadn't thought about that.

But it still loses out to X hours, just for simplicity's sake.


no cookies?