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Another chan bites the dust. We here at finalchan are sad to see the group of websites that give a damn about their users grow one smaller, and we welcome anyone looking for a new home.
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Looks like mewch.net is now a charity site. Rip to that site too


There's not much glory in imageboards. Only achievement.


We will be the finalchan.

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Our hosting provider is experiencing minor networking interruptions. If you have any issues connecting, posting, or viewing, that is why. The issue will be resolved soon.

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This board is for banners, suggestions for boards, complaints about mods, etc. What this board is NOT for however, is: Porn, Unnecessary hate, or board suggestions.

Enjoy your stay, we will accept almost all ideas into consideration. Oh, and please, if you can, post in the banner thread.

Let me reiterate, this board is NOT for board suggestions. If you came here to suggest a board, chances are you haven't read the rules. As, it states clearly how we handle board suggestions:

"If you'd like to make a board suggestion, please make a thread on /r/ about it (i.e, "/sci/ Thread!", etc), if it gets enough attention, we might consider making a board dedicated to the subject of the thread."

As of January 6th, 2016. Any posts pertaining to board suggestions on /s/ will be locked and/or deleted.

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When I post on /sp/ it says

Flood detected; Post discarded.

There is no reason for this on a shitposting board, and it's limiting.
Can we take it down?
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>It's probably that one letter filter fucking your guys' shit up.

Nope, it's the file name filter. It'll be fixed in a minute or two. Sorry for the inconvenience. If any of you run into any other issues with posting, just tell me (With an image of the post you were trying to make).

I would release a thing on how to not get filtered, but it'd suck to because then the people running the spambots may see it and adapt.


The filter I was trying to fix is pretty buggy, I might scrap that filter and just keep the other filters.


Should be fixed in a bit.

Also, what message were you getting?

>Spam detected; Post discarded.

>Flood detected; Post discarded.
>Possible spam detected; Post discarded.

The first two are by the system-default spam filter, the last is a message that shows when you trigger the spam filter I've made.


ya scatted it


sounds that were created using mathematical formulas affect a person ?

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File: 1557329781260.jpeg (55.58 KB, 460x488, 3e861d76c2….jpeg)


I've been looking for alt-chans to post on and came here, but the board that collates all the boards is lacking functionality. Trying to set it to catalog view just redirects to a separate hidden board. Will this be fixed? Until such a time I can't see myself posting here.
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I use catalog view but I've never thought to use it on /1984/. I'll bring it up with the mod team to see how doable it is.

Thanks for the imput.


Unfortunately not. Ukko is separate from catalog.


What do you use it for? Seems to me like visiting the page is faster/more robust.


File: 1557430341474.jpg (15.57 KB, 500x531, 12383881376….jpg)

Oh, okay. Thanks anyway.

I like being able to see all pages at once, just feels more natural.


[MOD EDIT: Honeypot Links Pretending to be Other Websites. Be careful out there, Anons.](USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST. )

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Post banners here!
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Banners have been updated.


File: 1555115865517-0.png (36.76 KB, 300x100, chelsea.png)

File: 1555115865517-1.png (72.42 KB, 300x100, frens.png)

File: 1555115865517-2.png (29.1 KB, 300x100, nana.png)


File: 1555164883411.png (34.48 KB, 300x100, myfren.png)


Nice bananer
Nice get


a quality banner and trips , thats hot

File: 1550259700797-0.jpg (3.65 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_2019021….jpg)

File: 1550259700797-1.jpg (4.33 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_2019021….jpg)


Hello finalfriends. The stickers are in. If you'd like a few I'm sending them out no charge, as long as your shipping isn't ludicrous.

Send me an email with your shipping address, how many you want (I bought 45 so you can have like 8 if you want), and your irc name if you have one.

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File: 1558997970357.jpg (2.95 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_2019052….jpg)


Not quite sure how I feel about this.


anulvic finally did it


This must be illu


pfft i wish


e gone? what? what you say. i say /e/ gone. /e/ gone evil one, /e/ gone! and henceforeth /e/ was nevermore. good by forever, spam galore.


The boards remain NSFW, but no porn is allowed unless it's OC. If it's really relevant, make sure it's spoilered.

File: 1550009056481.png (41.28 KB, 1919x990, quote.png)



This is a cooperation between illu and I meant to document and archive funny/entertaining quotes from various users of the #finalchan channel, starting with 2015. It's going to take a longass time to get through everything, but it's getting there.

Special thanks to illu for making the site look about 100% better and getting github to stop being a shit.

Feel free to recommend quotes as well if you so please. And finally, if you don't see your name in the quote list yet, don't worry, we're working to get everyone we can in it!


>DJ AUTISM (Dredd)


Yeah Dredd's a fag and apparently has said one funny thing in his life seeing as there's only one quote thus far

I'm just looking forward to when etiv's are ready

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