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Anonymous 05/08/2019 (Wed) 15:36:21 No. 1005
I've been looking for alt-chans to post on and came here, but the board that collates all the boards is lacking functionality. Trying to set it to catalog view just redirects to a separate hidden board. Will this be fixed? Until such a time I can't see myself posting here.
I have never used catalog view. What is the appeal ?
I use catalog view but I've never thought to use it on /1984/. I'll bring it up with the mod team to see how doable it is.

Thanks for the imput.
Unfortunately not. Ukko is separate from catalog.
What do you use it for? Seems to me like visiting the page is faster/more robust.
(15.57 KB 500x531 1238388137651.jpg)
Oh, okay. Thanks anyway.

I like being able to see all pages at once, just feels more natural.
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