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(84.34 KB 657x615 IMG_20190703_175340_129.jpg)
Shoop 07/03/2019 (Wed) 22:01:09 No. 1024
Another chan bites the dust. We here at finalchan are sad to see the group of websites that give a damn about their users grow one smaller, and we welcome anyone looking for a new home.
(486.59 KB 700x368 ClipboardImage.png)
RIP blazechan.

Had a few good conversations over there. Also means another imageboard software bites the dust.
Looks like mewch.net is now a charity site. Rip to that site too
There's not much glory in imageboards. Only achievement.
We will be the finalchan.
German police, DDoS, security attack, bruteforce attacks...

Finalchan can't take much more!
(38.01 KB 456x366 AutisticDolphin.jpg)
IB and the BBS that came before are just too good and too usefull for groups that have a common axis and a social greyscale. Just keep at it. Just bump and contribute when you can and steal stuff you like for other places/times. I'm slowly working my way into knowing how the hell to do the Techy and Admin crap. I've used my day off to visit every Chan I've ever heard of. Most are legit dead now. But 4 are still up and I know 2 more hiding in othernets.
I typed "Screaming Vegetable into DDG and this popped up:
the feds?