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The WEBRING, and You Anonymous 02/13/2020 (Thu) 11:17:56 No. 1060
Hey, lads

With the recent deplatforming of several imageboards and people for wrongthink, it has become increasingly more difficult to speak freely, even on anonymous message boards much like yours.
Because of that, we have created a system called The Webring, which is basically a federated network of anonymous imageboards that advertise their boards to other anonymity-minded users (so you can avoid having people from Reddit or the likes ruin your place).

>What do you gain
You get to advertise your board to other anons who are looking for a new home;
You get to stay in touch with other web administrators who also use similar software, meaning you have always someone to get your back;
Users from other websites can see your boards in the listing and then decide to move onto your imageboard, instead of one that they do not like anymore;
You get a reliable system to migrate your userbase during downtimes or whenever someone tries to attack your website.
>What do we gain
We increase the number of active boards that our users get to enjoy, as well as having a fall back place whenever things go sour on our end.

You can also choose which websites you're okay with advertising, so if for example you don't want any from a NSFW website, you can just unplug its site from the json file. To get advertised on a given website though you would also need to send your request to the site owner, so that they can update their own json config. fatpeople.lol also uses it, if it helps with the config.

If you'd like to know more, here's an example of how it looks like on your end: https://anon.cafe/webring.json
And if you've got any troubles installing it, consider visiting https://anon.cafe/ or https://julay.world/ to get proper support.

To install it: download the plugin at https://gitlab.com/Tenicu/infinityaddon-webring or https://gitlab.com/alogware/LynxChanAddon-Webring (depending on your underlying system), install it and you'll immediately be able to access the connected imageboards, as well as to advertise your own to all of them.