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The Webring Anonymous 04/28/2020 (Tue) 17:15:45 No. 1070
Good day to you, friends.
Would you like to join our little project? It's basically a federated system of anonymous imageboards, think of it as a family of friendly websites who get each other's back in times of need. We both refer each other's websites within a dedicated piece of software which takes into account board population and individual boards, in order to get as many anonymous posters involved in both boards.
If you're interested in joining us, come check it out on anon.cafe or fatchan.org. You're all truly wonderful.
Is this the ring that includes spacechan and xchan?
Oh, no, it's smug/julay/anono.cafe's webring.
Here, you can see how it looks like:
>Rob just banned porn and loli
Lol, no go back.
I am not affiliated to Julay nor Robi. The Webring is not their project, it's everyone's on it. The decision they pick are theirs, and if you don't like them, the Webring has opt-out options so you can remove imageboards you don't like (like in the case of Julay).
You can check it out from here:
Weve been approached for something like this 2 or 3 times now, what makes this different?
(2.25 MB 2400x1540 ghostgun-03.jpg)
post a gun
They'll fuck you with protection this time.
(1.05 MB 3712x1872 PBE087_d.jpg)
Just the lower, you don't get to see the rest.