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(11.38 KB 300x100 test.gif)
Banner Thread! illu 04/14/2015 (Tue) 16:23:32 No. 41
Post banners here!
(34.59 KB 300x103 u6bNfwM.png)
(7.15 KB 300x100 illu ban.png)
(41.53 KB 300x100 Pac banner.gif)
Illu got btfo, so if you dont see a banner you posted in the rotation, repost pls
(2.63 KB 300x100 404bnf 2.png)
(34.01 KB 300x100 banner rocker.png)
(46.07 KB 300x100 AYYY banner.png)
(6.96 KB 300x100 REEE banner.png)
(21.10 KB 300x100 ohhhh.png)
I posted this image. When can it fulfil its true purpose as a banner on this site?
This is Finalchan, not masterchan. We're not going to advertise Masterchan.
this makes me cry tears of joy
Does anyone want me to post the rest of the banners that are in rotation?
the autism in this exchange is palpable
(37.75 KB 300x100 smoke.gif)
(831.40 KB 300x100 fag.gif)
(5.35 KB 300x100 blank.png)
Pls put into rotation k thnx

Every other *chan has that same exact banner, sans the finalchan portion. I would rather see something more original, like >>43
(56.99 KB 300x100 Untitled.gif)
I made a thing
(56.63 KB 300x100 SHITPOST.gif)
Update to the gif

I-is that Dredd ?
The guy who shitposted himself off the face of the earth? Yep.
(1.07 MB 300x100 oie_gtTXujiZiSfB.gif)
(1.64 MB 300x100 oie_e5TtvnzIjt1U.gif)
like dis 1. each one fits their persona
These not only confuse me, but arouse me, and scare me.
(1.11 KB 300x100 space.png)
Just made this one today, made a slightly bigger one though for TopChan.info (so we could advertise).
(9.84 KB 300x100 100.gif)
(9.84 KB 300x100 66.gif)
(9.84 KB 300x100 75.gif)
(9.84 KB 300x100 83.gif)
(9.84 KB 300x100 90.gif)
Im not quite sure which of these is the right speed, the ms each slide is displayed for is the file name.
Let me know which one you think looks best

I like 100 the best.

Voting is now closed.
(15.86 KB 300x100 fact.png)
(5.84 KB 300x100 jewgle1.png)
(4.43 KB 300x100 jewgle2.png)

That second one needs to be thrown into rotation while it is still relevant. GO! GO! GO!
(14.83 KB 300x100 Coke red.png)
(16.11 KB 300x100 Coke red taste.png)
Second one is based on the button.

Ive got these in all kinds of colors, but these are the ones that work best.
(39.39 KB 300x100 120.gif)
This one needs something else before its ready.
(1.15 MB 2477x1431 1441373507109.png)
Holy shit these are fucking great
(28.94 KB 300x100 f7qlk8bgop.gif)
banner for /sp/
(9.83 KB 468x60 image.gif)
Pls make it 300x100 px and we might consider it.
(9.74 KB 300x100 memehell.gif)

I made some edits so it fit the site template a little better.
(1.33 MB 392x400 nice.gif)
I don't think I have ever seen OP in the rotation.
(52.55 KB 255x85 1429028612452.png)
Please make sure that the banner is 300 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall. Otherwise, we can't use it.
I didn't even quote god dammit

Was for
(27.16 KB 300x100 land.png)
(32.32 KB 300x100 land2.png)
(22.00 KB 300x100 land3.png)
(34.04 KB 300x100 land4.png)
(21.26 KB 300x100 land5.png)
I figured we needed more banners! 17 banners incoming!
(27.33 KB 300x100 space1.png)
(20.94 KB 300x100 space2.png)
(14.89 KB 300x100 space3.png)
(10.75 KB 300x100 space4.png)
(11.60 KB 300x100 space5.png)
Now for some space themed banners!
(33.32 KB 300x100 space6.png)
(21.26 KB 300x100 space7.png)
(28.88 KB 300x100 space8.png)
(20.24 KB 300x100 space9.png)
(1.15 MB 300x100 space10.gif)
You won't believe number 10!

(No but seriously, space10.gif is 10/10)
(13.62 KB 300x100 space11.png)
(27.46 KB 300x100 space12.png)
And the last two! I was originally going to leave these two out, but figured why not!
(28.32 KB 300x100 Landstylebanner.png)
(29.28 KB 158x218 XI_Killer_moogle.jpg)

Is that a blurred moogle in the background? Looks like a blurred moogle.
Nope, its not. Its actually a fairly familiar image.
(63.74 KB 300x100 comfy.png)
(8.37 KB 300x100 0 days.png)
(97.15 KB 431x700 john121.jpg)
(14.43 KB 300x100 finalchanbanner1.png)
this is fucking great
(4.29 KB 300x100 milobanner.png)
Milo made this for us in his blog. Posting here.
(111.80 KB 300x100 neon.gif)
(80.46 KB 300x100 TBW.png)
>be listening to fortunate son by CCR >watch this
>lines up perfectly
(71.82 KB 300x100 2d4u.png)
(34.04 KB 300x100 Birds.png)
(72.34 KB 300x100 Storms.png)
Got three for ya
(3.95 KB 300x100 shitpost.png)
(1.83 MB 300x100 finaltest.gif)
It's anim8d
(933.32 KB 300x100 finaldoom.gif)
Modified it some and was able to shrink the size. Hopefully it's not too noticeable but now it's more likely to make it into rotation.
(8.85 KB 300x100 finalkick2.png)
(5.69 KB 300x100 finalkick1.png)
That font reminds me of figaro
(9.96 KB 300x100 memesareshit.png)
(21.41 KB 300x100 Vanchanlen1finred.png)
(22.39 KB 300x100 Vanchanlen1finblue.png)
Might as well.
(64.62 KB 480x480 thatsprettygood.webm)
That's odd, my file didn't attatch.
(9.96 KB 300x100 Schoolbanner.png)
All of those should be checked.

(41.17 KB 300x100 banner4.png)
(50.19 KB 300x100 banner5.png)
(43.97 KB 300x100 banner6.png)
(19.02 KB 300x100 finalechanbanner.png)
(19.02 KB 300x100 1463303685930[1].png)
(16.20 KB 300x100 Capture.PNG)
(29.58 KB 300x100 asdf.png)
(2.40 KB 295x97 Capture.PNG)
(55.73 KB 300x100 Untitled.png)
This one is cancer tbh. I like >>750
a lot though.
(64.93 KB 300x100 lonely.png)
I really like this
(5.28 KB 300x100 Finachah.png)
To celebrate recent endeavors
(85.51 KB 300x100 pokerth.png)
Poker night this friday, get poker th (open source on all platforms etc) and meet us on the irc with your drink.
okay but i can't promise not to be a tard
okay but i can't promise not to be hard
Okay but I can't promise not to be a lard
(73.66 KB 200x323 Bard1.png)
okay but i can't promise not to be a bard
(88.96 KB 462x600 old-man-cartoon-hi.png)
I'm already there.
(60.79 KB 300x106 amped.png)
I like that one. Marshall ?
(56.82 KB 300x100 amped.png)
Keep on rockin in the finalchan
(191.29 KB 300x100 finalglitch.gif)
(60.94 KB 300x100 Stranger memes.png)
(14.84 KB 300x100 martini.png)
(7.04 KB 300x100 Finalmeister.png)
(52.10 KB 1000x1000 jagerhank.png)
New for late summer 2017, the booze edition finalchan banners!
those are some quality banners
(7.10 KB 300x100 Finalmeister3.png)
Slight improvement
(47.52 KB 300x100 Chantain final.png)
(52.18 KB 300x100 patronalchan.png)
(48.93 KB 300x100 patronalchan.png)
NOW its perfect
I read the second word as one thing instead of "dot net." Made me feel dumb because I sat there staring at my computer for a few seconds trying to figure out what a dotnet was.
(40.09 KB 300x100 Untitled.png)
I don't get it, but I cleaned it up for you.
It's like a botnet but better
(80.23 KB 320x514 bottle.png)
Like this
(4.51 KB 300x100 banner.png)
(6.39 KB 300x100 1502329946661.png)
le new and improved
I spent…way way too long on these
(7.81 KB 300x100 Finalchanada 3.png)
(11.54 KB 300x100 Finalchanada 2.png)
And im not happy with them BRB
(7.95 KB 300x100 Finalchanada 4.png)
(5.86 KB 300x100 Game over banner.png)
Also i never posted this
Banners have been updated.
(36.76 KB 300x100 chelsea.png)
(72.42 KB 300x100 frens.png)
(29.10 KB 300x100 nana.png)
(34.48 KB 300x100 myfren.png)
Nice bananer
Nice get
a quality banner and trips , thats hot