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(10.24 KB 243x247 1406470594769.jpg)
Anonymous 01/12/2016 (Tue) 22:42:56 No. 443
When I post on /sp/ it says

Flood detected; Post discarded.

There is no reason for this on a shitposting board, and it's limiting.
Can we take it down?
Also the front page and the catalog take a long time to update, it would be a lot better if it was instantaneous.
Ayy m8 these are caching issues. We know about them Before making your second post or to see the updated frontpage do a ctrl+shift+r or a ctrl+f5 to refresh from the server.

Hope this helps
To be clear, he was replying to >>444 with the caching issues. Something not updating is a cache issue and is usually solved by doing CTRL+SHFT+R in your browser. We can't really fix this, because tinyboard a shit!

As for >>443, that is an issue we can fix, but probably won't. Our reason being that even though /sp/ is a shitposting board, we don't want it to be full blown spam. I'll talk to the others about lowering the flood restrictions to /sp/ though. It's also a case of having slightly higher flood protection or having CAPTCHA (and we all know nobody likes CAPTCHA).

However, if you continuously run into your post being discarded, wait five to ten minutes before posting again and you should be a-okay!
>don't want it to be full blown spam
it's a shitposting board. limiting what you can post is antithesis to it

all I want to do is shitpost copypasta freely
also it wouldn't let me post 2 images in a row without text in the second
(32.42 KB 603x528 spam.png)
What's up with this? Been trying to post but I keep seeing this when nothing in there was spam. In another post, I couldn't post it because of an image and once I removed that, I could. For some reason that image was being counted as spam.
Bump. Spam filters appear to be too restrictive lately. I know you guys are trying to combat the flood of CP, but I've also had issues posting the last couple days.
I'll bitch at those involved for you.
><@Shoooop> .tell illu ur filters a shit
>-lolibot-: Your message will be sent!

My work here is done
I'll look into it, it's hard to filter out CP posts. Sorry guys :(

It's probably that one letter filter fucking your guys' shit up.

Jokes on you faggot, I check Finalchan daily before I even speak on IRC.
>It's probably that one letter filter fucking your guys' shit up.

Nope, it's the file name filter. It'll be fixed in a minute or two. Sorry for the inconvenience. If any of you run into any other issues with posting, just tell me (With an image of the post you were trying to make).

I would release a thing on how to not get filtered, but it'd suck to because then the people running the spambots may see it and adapt.
The filter I was trying to fix is pretty buggy, I might scrap that filter and just keep the other filters.
Should be fixed in a bit.

Also, what message were you getting?

>Spam detected; Post discarded.

>Flood detected; Post discarded.
>Possible spam detected; Post discarded.

The first two are by the system-default spam filter, the last is a message that shows when you trigger the spam filter I've made.
ya scatted it
sounds that were created using mathematical formulas affect a person ?
You can't figure out how to shitpost. Hilarious.

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(35.36 KB 900x900 download.jpg)
take all money out of bank of america now. spread the message. they are violating our 4th amendment with the voluntary release of bank records to the federal government. we will crash them
>>1090 Chase Bank also, but this is the wrong thread, Moranis.