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(2.42 KB 200x200 finalchanlogo.png)
Anonymous 04/14/2015 (Tue) 23:18:41 No. 50
Finalchan Logo!
(7.74 KB 600x600 flame fc.png)
(411.00 B 35x35 logo redone.png)
Now bit perfect!
(13.00 KB 700x700 logo bp big.png)
(541.22 KB 584x584 hand-drawn.png)
a quickie. just how u like.
(12.22 KB 700x700 smooth logo.png)
(9.52 KB 789x734 whitedot.png)
(16.17 KB 700x700 smooth logo blur.png)
(1.40 MB 700x700 smooth logo pngwt.bmp)
I like this one.
(60.90 KB 700x700 logo2.png)
smoother smooth logo
(10.55 KB 100x100 flash.png)
Made this a little fancier and less distorted.
(44.80 KB 255x255 swf.png)
Thanks for the icon, I will need to make it even smaller though. Because it will stretch it anyways.
(1.35 KB 102x209 swf.png)
Changed the swf icon to something that wouldn't stretch
It's blue also, so it kind of fits the theme
(59.96 KB 800x600 ringding.png)
Finalchan v1.02 2 months of recordbreaking existence class ring.

Print it out and wear it.
Now they know my status.
I love you

Also your printer is fucking shit.
they look like fucking snausages
(289.84 KB 511x640 snausage.jpg)
the fingers belong to this face.
status: seduced.
(20.61 KB 269x220 Screenshot_112.png)
(311.00 B 16x16 16-4.png)
(311.00 B 16x16 16-5.png)
(313.00 B 16x16 16-1.png)
(311.00 B 16x16 16-2.png)
(310.00 B 16x16 16-3.png)
some 16x16 favicon designs
(313.00 B 16x16 16-1.png)
(312.00 B 16x16 16-1-1.png)
(310.00 B 16x16 16-1-2.png)
(313.00 B 16x16 16-1-3.png)
Variations on 1
(7.54 KB 144x144 index.png)
I made this thing.
(6.13 KB 114x114 mod-convertor.png)
(10.33 KB 400x300 superfast_whoosh_3.png)
(3.99 KB 300x300 Super-fast.png)
looks a lot like the 'super fast' icon
I just used Font Awesome's rocket icon.
(36.01 KB 512x531 Rocket Shadowed.png)
(20.26 KB 512x512 Rocket Flat LS.png)
(17.61 KB 512x512 Rocket Flat.png)
(21.47 KB 512x512 Rocket Shadowed Window.png)
I had someone edit an icon for us to use, I added onto it a lot. Looks pretty good so far.
SVG files too so you can resize all you want! Have to link them since Finalchan doesn't allow SVG (yet?)

https://i.memenet.org/bbafox.svg - Shadowed Windows
https://i.memenet.org/dacklw.svg - Flat
https://i.memenet.org/dzyemy.svg - Shadowed everything
not quite the right shape, and doesn't incorporate the finalchan colors, but it looks really clean and that's a bonus.
It incorporates the Finalchan colorscheme (blue and orange), it doesn't necessarily have to be the exact same color.
(19.33 KB 512x512 Rocket Flat True Colors.png)
I made one with more "true" colors. I can do it with the rest of them as well.
(220.42 KB 3840x2160 finalchan.png)
(36.94 KB 819x460 FC.png)
I think this one is really cool, but you need to anti-alias it. The jagged edges are irritating
that goes too far and just looks blury
(22.20 KB 1229x692 finalchanwallpaper.png)