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Anonymous 05/08/2016 (Sun) 05:06:43 No. 596
can finalchan please consider using infinity next for a trial run? I want to play with it on a board that actually gets some traffic. It has become extremely stable recently. You can find an instance on https://16chan.nl
A lot of people came here to escape infinty nect comrade
True, but a trial board would be cool.
even 8ch abandoned infinity next.
Just because the software got abandoned doesn't mean it's shit. Tinyboard was really good, yet it got abandoned.

Also, 600 get.
noone really got to try it though.

they never implemented it because of jim not wanting to have open source code

trial board would be awesome>>597
Infinity a shit. Moreover, since some SOB already made a chan using it then just go advertise it on redchanit and the like.
I don't feel the need to try shit before knowing it is shit.

They killed 8ch trying to get it in, why would we ask them to do the same to Finalchan?
Yes, but they can create a seperate test board to try it out wo/ touching the current boards.
what would be the purpose of the test? Why devote time, money and energy to it unless it was worth doing?
This test would be to check the software out, see if it has any major bugs. It might be better than Vichan and they might start using it instead.
It probably won't be good enough to switch software tho.
Finalchan has been testing Lynx for about 6 months. That is most likely the first public beta anyone would see.
Really? I didn't know. Link if it is public?
But I won't go to that crippled board to "test" anything, just as I wont go to this 16chan. You're going in circles Josh anon.
yeah this is what i mean. we could try it here without messing with the rest

because it might be worth doing?
Infinity Next is a hard no. If we switch to anything else, it'll most likely be lynxchan. That's an "if", we may not switch.
On IRC illu said that ypu guys would most likely move to 314chan. Which one is it, 314chan or Lynxchan?

>believing anything said in IRC
No, I said I'd want us to use Haruko (314chan). Lynxchan is good, but I think Haruko is more promising. In the end, we probably won't be switching for at least a year, or until one or both of these softwares are at or close to completion.
i tried tinyib it is really good
Btw, there's a migration script for vichan databases to lynxchan
The software that made all board owners global mods when added user owned boards?

LynxChan has been complete for a while.
Now it is just improving on what existed.
Thanks for the heads up, steve.
Whats wrong with this engine?
i lik lynxchan