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Later today the great pruning will take place. In an attempt to consolidate and improve the optics of activity, designated boards will be removed from the board list and combined with /r/.

The boards selected for integration are /an/, /v/, and /t/.

If there are any threads you wish to archive from these boards, it is suggested that you do so immediately. The initial notice of this change was 3 months ago. There has been plenty of time to backup your favorites.

Please note that this is not an attempt to limit the board topics from conversations. New anime, video game, and technology posts should be initiated in /r/. As in the past, boards will expand based on topic popularity in /r/.

We now return you to your normal programming.


Get that wallpaper thread on /t/ for sure. That has some history.


Then the rules page needs some cleaning since it still refers to the deleted board. Also the board legend looks different when on the rules page.
t. good boy newfag who read bith FAQ and rules


Thanks for pointing this out, we'll be right on it.


Wow that's fast!
Sorry for being nitpicky but it appesrs that the 1st page of a board doesn't seem to update for me. When I opened /s/ (in boar mode) again, this thread was still showing >>945 as the last reply. When I entered, it only showed mine and your reply after refreshing.
Thanks for responding so fast though.


Yeah that's just a vichan issue. That's been a thing for like years on the site to be honest and there's never really been a solution besides use a different software. Just try to ctrl+shift+r to refresh if that happens. The all board updates more frequently.

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