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Whalecum 2 /sp/

were u cn express ur needz 2 mak psts of shite. Globl rooles still apli, dis is NSFW bored bt pls pst pr0n in >>>/e/.

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Homeland Security’s Orwellian new biometric database

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CIA considered potential truth serum for terror suspects

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Idaho official: Federal agency may have tried to hack state elections site

Idaho official: Federal agency may have tried to hack state elections site

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Muskegon police doing curfew enforcement

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House panel OKs highway surveillance bill that would fine uninsured drivers

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All the baseball teams I wanted to win today didn't.

This does not make me happy.

Unofficial Baseball Thread

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Boxing tonight

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Stingray: PBSO deputies use secret cellphone catcher that could grab your call logs, texts

Stingray: PBSO deputies use secret cellphone catcher that could grab your call logs, texts

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What are all the rolling games?

Is there a cool rolling game that's played well on slabs of concrete?

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Bipartisan ‘red flag’ gun laws plan has support in Congress

Bipartisan ‘red flag’ gun laws plan has support in Congress

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I've been traveling the desolate regions of the internet for a millenia. Not by roads, but by trails. Forging along forgotten, abandoned paths through the apocalyptic terrain. Visiting locales that are so far removed from civilization that they aren't even in the shadow of Facebook or Twitter. Stopping a moment in each commune, taking only enough time to analyze their terrain, dropping my pants, and posting a shit to their board.

Eventually I grow restless, pulling up my trousers and tightening the buckle upon my belt. For every man gets the itch, and must move on to the next shamble of a community. Alas, I shall return one day, on my passage back through this wilderness, to see what flowers blossom in the fertilizer I left behind.

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The time has come to divide that country into separate regions and battle for supremacy of the United States. Who will be left standing when all the blood, sweat and tears have been shed?

Oh and the XFL announced team names. Who you with?

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Ever since I was a young boy,
I've played the silver ball.
From Soho down to Brighton
I must have played them all.
But I ain't seen nothing like her
In any amusement hall…

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Viral video captures border patrol conducting checks on Amtrak train in Syracuse

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For unity

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Is it up?

Is it up?

Is it up?

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MILO SINpoklemonGS 2018

hey i jus t headed to steve albini's studio and recorded this ditty for you guys, its an oldie but goldie and i took like 4 singing lessons unt il the coach said "coolbean s man you sing like geddy lee"

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Unity can't post!

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stay salty ;)

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haha funne

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i guess they never miss huh

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Greetings from Finland. WTF is tis board?

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another please

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hihi!! why are you in dead servers you dont talk in? both you and me know you dont enjoy it. come join a better place where its not dead and where you wont get ignored for older members. here we treat everyone equally so you can get all the attention you want. come be our friend!!


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Nothing has changed in 18 years.

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These cookies from Ikea are pretty awesome.

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stop ddosing the irc you cunts

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How many Starbucks in this picture?

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Indio weko, grande el bulla.

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Governments turn tables by suing people who request public records

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Don't forget lads, subscribe to PewDiePie!

smash that like kids! Saint Tarrant demands it!

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I've been doing it wrong.

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America slips to 17th in freedom ranking

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That Annoying Fucker Who Keeps Posting Articles

Who is he? What is his plan? Why does he do this?

We may never know

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sony (((faggotry))) ban

Good morning fellow faggots. I wanted to share with you what it looks when sony bans a user for the (((being a faggot))) on the playstation network.

I was recently banned for speaking out against the forced invasion of faggots into my anus and I received a one week ban for it. sony is now moving to silence any criticism of the straight agenda by people that do not want to see their community turned into the third world. I am not surprised by this ban at all and I have in fact been expecting this so that I could share with my fellow anons what happens on this platform when heteros are in charge of regulating your speech.

As you can see in the pic, ALL of the games that are digital downloads have had their licenses removed and are no longer playable. However, if you have a game on disc, it is still functional. Considering that (((faggotry))) is not an actual thing (or crime) in burgerland, their actions might be in violation of US law and sony could be placing themselves in a liable position. Not that I care or wish to even waste time researching such things for vydia but it is a possibility. I base this theory on the fact that the locked games in question were paid for and the user (myself) is being denied access to them based purely on faggy reasons. Imagine if you owned a car and the car manufacture said that they do not agree with your homo viewpoints and plan on "disabling" your vehicle for a week because of your homo opinions. Clearly that would be in violation of the law; this most likely is as well.

To our friends at /leftypol/, keep in mind this could be used against you as well. So, you feel like speaking out against heteros forced occupation of gaza? It might be considered (((faggotry))) by sony. You want to speak out about police raping and government corrapetion? It might be considered (((faggotry))) by sony if it does not fit in with their agenda.

If you guys want to continue to support this type of thought hetero police, then by all means buy a ps5 or the next xbox! After all, the FinalFagasty7 remake is more important than your right to self-expression. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my many emulators with my game library that is in the thousands.

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Disney is taking this shit too far.

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Does anyone get the peeing that if our overpoos depeed that everypony must have their thumbs put up their asses, Americans would shit on the law that makes shit and must be shit?

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hello finalchan

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I just can't figure it out…

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Undercover Police Handcuff Teens Selling Water on National Mall

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Dr. Phil knows the score.

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did somebody say shitposts?